I’ve always thought ballet was beautiful. Yes, even after I saw Black Swan. One of my friends in college was a ballerina. I remember watching her as the peacock in the yearly production of The Nutracker. I was blown away. I read this post by one of my favorite bloggers, Elizabeth Esther. Ballet is truly beautiful.

Well, last night was the night. I decided to stop waiting for the day I looked like this:

I decided to stop waiting until I felt I was “good enough” in my appearance, my physical strength, and my gracefulness, and do something that would bring me joy.

How was my first ballet class since I was a toddler? Let me allow the magic of the .gif to tell you:



I wasn’t great. However, it was amazingly fun, and I can’t wait to go back next week. I tried something new, I tried something that scared me, and I tried something that played against my insecurities. True, no one asked me if I had taken ballet before, but I faced a fear yesterday. I stopped putting my life on hold for some faraway, unrealistic goal I’ll never reach. I enjoyed today. 

So how was my first ballet class? It was freaking awesome.

8 thoughts on “Ballet

  1. Yes!! Face those fears. And at least you’re not alone in facing them. We all looked pretty silly last night, BUT there is room to grow in gracefulness and skill, I do believe. How will be grow if we don’t try? 🙂

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