The Great Christmas Exchange!

I love Christmas, and I am totally one of those people that loves All the Christmas Things…even when it isn’t exactly “Christmastime”…but we don’t have to talk about that now. What we do need to talk about is a gift exchange that one of my lovely high school buddies, Elizabeth over at Oak &Oats, is co-hosting.

The picture above is a link to Oak & Oats and all the details about the exchange (you can also click here). You can also get the info from Samantha’s website, Elah Tree. She’s hosting this awesome gift exchange with Elizabeth. On either page, Elizabeth’s or Samantha’s, you’ll find a sign up sheet and you’ll be asked for contact info and any of your blog/social media URLs you want to include. This exchange is open to everyone, bloggers, non-bloggers, moms, brothers, sisters, really anyone wants to join in on the fun. Though the exchange is open internationally, you’ll be matched with someone in your own country. So no worries over figuring out international shipping (that always stresses me out–is that just me??). Of course you can spend as much as you’d like on your gift, but they are shooting for keeping the gifts around $20. You should receive an email with info on your gift exchange buddy on November 25, you should have shipped your gift by December 16, and there will be a blogger link-up on January 7th for all bloggers to link up on their exchange.

I am so excited for this! I’ve already signed up, and I can’t wait to see who I am matched up with! It can get so easy to become caught up in all of the sadness, brokenness, and general crap in this world, and the holidays can be really emotionally challenging for people. This is such a great, easy opportunity to do something nice and brighten someone’s day. Check it out, peruse Elizabeth’s and Samantha’s sites, and get ready for some gift exchange excitement!

3 thoughts on “The Great Christmas Exchange!

  1. Kendall! I saw that you signed up and I was super excited! I am looking forward to this so much! Merry (early) Christmas! but let’s be honest, I am totally listening to Christmas music in my office right as we speak 😉

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