Kendall’s Geeky Summer Reading List!

Chaucer the Dog reading Canterbury Tales by Chaucer the Poet
Hooray for reading!!!

Winter is finally beginning to leave us, which with the warmer weather means that most of my favorite shows are beginning to enter into that awful season: the summer hiatus. Though a nice Netflix binge is a relaxing way to pass a crazy-hot summer day, you can only marathon so many shows until you start to enter into a bleak period of self-examination. Do I do anything other than watch Netflix? What am I doing with my life? Where did this stain on my shirt come from? When was the last time I even ate? When was the last time I showered?

Maybe that’s just me…

Either way, since I am no longer a student with the awesome luxury of a completely free summer, I only have a limited numbers of hours that I can spend ingesting unhealthy amounts of television. I suppose this is a good thing. Since I work full-time, but I still need to fill the void left by my favorite horror, sci-fi, and supernatural shows, I’m making this my summer of supernatural, scary, sci-fi reading. I’m a bit of a book geek, so I can see this list will only grow over time until it mushrooms to a completely unmanageable size. Still, here’s where my Geeky Summer Reading List is starting out:

Head over here to the Girls of Geek 12 site to see the rest of the post!  

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