Kendall’s #GeekySummerReads: Robopocalypse


Over the course of the summer months, I’ll be going through a reading list that I’ve created for myself. The books I’ve chosen have some sort of a supernatural, sci-fi, general geeky feel to them. You can check out the list here. Follow the hashtag #GeekySummerReads to hear me talk about the book I’m reading, and join in on the conversation yourself. The first book on the list was Robopocalypse, by Daniel H. Wilson.

To offer a short synopsis, Robopocalypse is the story of our world in the not-too-distant future. The world has become largely robotic, and after the creation of a super robot, Archos, the robots begin rising up and eliminating humanity. The author formats the book as a retrospective look on the robotic uprising, called Zero Hour, and the aftermath, the New War.

I adored this book. It was suspenseful, engaging, and provided a bit of a break from the constant chatter of a zombie apocalypse. Daniel H. Wilson did an amazing job creating a world that felt eerily similar to our own, which upped the stakes as you read. When you’re talking about zombies or aliens taking over the world, you can always have that anchor of “zombies and aliens aren’t real”. But robots? Those are kind of a thing. Sure, we don’t all have a robotic butler puttering around our home, but a lot of us have a robotic personal assistant, Siri. Reading the book going, “Oh my word, we have that technology now!” really made the book a lot more thrilling, eerie, and exciting. If you haven’t read it yet, you should definitely pick it up–what’s more, the sequel, Robogenesis, comes out in June, so this is the perfect time to jump in….

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