Denver Comic Con 2014 Recap!

I attended Denver Comic Con for the first time last weekend, and it was AMAZING.

Welcome to DCC Banner


DCC Bear

The con itself went for three days, but I only attended on Saturday. Still, it was absolutely an awesome time. I cannot WAIT to go again next year.



ProgramAs I mentioned in my last post, I was entirely unsuccessful in my attempts to scavenge the items needed for any form of respectable cosplay. Still, my resolve couldn’t be dampened. I would find some way to dress up, however small those efforts might be. So I donned my Target $1 bin Captain America socks…

Cap Socks

…slid on my Harry Potter ring, and set out for the con.
Deathly Hallows RingHaving never been to anything like this before, I had no idea what to expect. I made some squishy plans to attend All the Panels (75% of the stuff I wanted to see directly conflicted with each other, of course). I made even squishier plans to meet up with buddies attending the con “at some point in the day”.

My First Lesson Of Comic Con: Are you going to a con with someone and you two plan to meet up with friends at the con, but you all haven’t planned out your panels together— and you happen to be a crazy “Let’s see all the things” type of con attendee? Make concrete plans or you will not be meeting up with your friends. Anyway…

The two big “celebrity panels” that I attended were the panels for Max Brooks and Peter Davison/Sylvester McCoy. Please enjoy my crappy, faraway iPhone photo of Max Brooks (he asked audience members to come up and sit beside him, if you were curious who the others were):

Max Brooks

Both panels were incredibly cool. As someone who works in publishing, I loved hearing Max Brooks talk about the process he went through as World War Z was turned into a movie. I love hearing him discuss the emotional process he went through as he watched World War Z get turned into a movie that…wasn’t really the book he wrote at all. If you were curious, he basically said the movie was great as a standalone movie, but really the only thing it shared with his actual book was the title. The scene where Brad Pitt made pancakes also really seemed to stick with him, because he mentioned it about forty thousand times. Though really, I can’t blame him. Who wouldn’t want to have Brad Pitt make them pancakes?

He also addressed the idea of a WWZ II, and basically the answer was when he is inspired to write the book, he’ll write it. I really appreciated that he cared enough about the integrity of the book to not just hastily produce something to cash in on the zombie-success.

Now, please enjoy my crappy, faraway iPhone photo of Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy:


Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy are absolutely hilarious, and I am convinced that Sylvester McCoy is just basically Radagast in real life. He is just a completely nutty old man. I’m not nearly as familiar with Classic Who as I am with the Doctors 9 and on. Still, I was very excited to meet a couple of classic Doctors, and I wouldn’t miss the chance to meet David Tennant’s father in law (which if you don’t know the story of The Doctor marrying The Doctor’s Daughter and becoming the son-in-law of The Doctor, read this). For someone who is largely unfamiliar with the Classic Who, it was really exciting to hear about their on-set adventures, and how those Doctors really set the stage for the Doctor Who we know today.

There was also some killer Doctor Who cosplay in the audience:

Four and K9


There were a few panels I didn’t make it to, the two big ones being the Arrow panel and the Bruce Campbell panel. If you want to see a roundup of the Arrow panel, Shae talks about it on Girls of Geek 12. I had wanted to check out that panel and the Supernatural “So You Want to be a Hunter” panel, but I missed out on both because I got in line WAY too late.

My Second Lesson of Comic Con: Lines. They are everywhere, and they are long. Get in line early.

I opted to attend another panel over the Bruce Campbell panel. If you want to see the coolest moment that came from the Bruce Campbell panel, watch this:

So yeah, I missed the big, surprise Burn Notice moment, but I’m pretty pleased with the panel I attended instead. I attended a panel about women in the geek industry, and I was so incredibly inspired by these awesome women. The panel was made up of Bonnie Burton, Jen Timms, Tiffany Wangerin (who you might know as Evil Mech Meru), and Vicky Connolly of Escape Velocity Comics (I wrote about this store on Free Comic Book Day). It was so great to hear about what these women are doing in the geek industry, and the ways they are making their mark in an industry that has long been a male-dominated field. I was so incredibly inspired leaving that panel.

My Third Lesson of Comic Con: There are some truly kick-ass women working in the geek industry.

Honestly, I could go on about the con for days. It was so much fun. There was a little something for everyone. Comic stuff, of course, but also gamers…

Meta Halo


Movie buffs…

Indiana Jones Bike

Pale Orc

Me and Darth



TV bingers…


Me and KIT

POP Dany

The more niche group made up of little boys who wanted to fight Darth Vader with their Minecraft sword…

Darth Fights Boy

And, of course, Raptor Evangelists…


All in all, the con was completely amazing. When I purchased my tickets (from Escape Velocity, as it were), I was told that Comic Con was basically Disneyland for geeky adults. That’s pretty much the most accurate description I’ve heard. It was completely amazing, and so incredibly fun. I cannot wait for next year, and maybe if I start thinking now, I can actually work up some sort of cosplay for the con. We’ll see about that, though…

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