New X-Wing Starfighter Preview in the Star Wars: Force for Change Update

In J.J. Abram’s update on his fundraising contest, Star Wars: Force for Change, we get a look at the new X-Wing starfighters that will be featured in Star Wars: Episode VII (we also get a peek at a tiny droid zipping across the screen). It’s not a huge update, but with all the leaked photos and rumors out there, it’s cool to get some verified info on Episode VII–even if it is only what the X-Wings will look like.

The Force for Change contest is raising money for UNICEF, and offering those who enter a chance to win a trip to visit the set of the new movie and an advanced screening of Episode VII in their hometown. You can check out Abram’s update below, and the clip will give you the info you need to enter the contest. You can also read my post about the initial Episode VII casting announcement here.

Star Wars: Episode VII will be arriving in theaters on December 18, 2015. See you all there!

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