Supernatural: Season 10 and The Road So Far

You guys, I’m so excited to announce that I’ve signed on to be a contributor at Nerdophiles (because, you know, I definitely needed another website to write for) Today my first post is going live for them, and I couldn’t be more excited! I hope you’ll join me over there! Here’s an excerpt: 

I’m just going to say this now: Spoiler. Alert. Only read this post if you are 1)100% caught up on Supernatural or 2) Don’t care about reading spoilers. You’ve been warned…

We’ve been through a lot with the Winchesters. We’ve been following Sam and Dean around the country since 2005, and it seems like forever ago that we first heard Dean talk about saving people and hunting things.

With season 10 only a few months away (season 10 premieres October 7), The CW is starting to get us excited with this little “The Road So Far” clip…

See the clip and read the rest over at Nerdophiles

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