Norman Reedus Will Star In The New Silent Hill Game

Everybody can use a bit more Norman Reedus in their lives, right? Well, it looks like gamers can get a bit of Norman right on their consoles. The latest installment in the Silent Hill series, named Silent Hills, is the product of a partnership between Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima, starring Norman Reedus. No word yet if he’s just rendering his voice and likeness to the game, or if he will actually be playing himself. Either way, I’m all for it!

The announcement of the game has been a bizarre one. Kojima has been teasing this game for some time now, calling the game P.T. (even announcing P.T. at the Sony Gamescom press conference) and crediting it to the fictional developers, 7780s Studio…

Read the rest and see the trailer for Silent Hills over at Nerdophiles!

5 thoughts on “Norman Reedus Will Star In The New Silent Hill Game

  1. My roommates and I have been watching different P.T. videos, and this is definitely the scariest thing yet. I outright screamed at one part, never done that before with any horror media. And I love all the Norman Reedus love! Just gotta give Sean Patrick Flannery a part (or don’t, I’d probably lose it over all the squeeing I’d do). We’re definitely buying a PS4 just for this.

    Also, hi! I work with your husband and he told me to check out your blog. /stalks

    1. Oh my word, can you imagine if they cast SPF too? I would LOVE that. And I know what you mean about the PS4. They have so many AMAZING console-exclusive games. And since you can play Destiny on the PS4, too…I’m kinda leaning that way, even though I’ve been an Xbox girl for a while.

      And welcome! I’m happy to have you stalking about! 🙂

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