Marvel’s New Spider-Woman Cover Is Pretty Frustrating

You’ve probably seen it all over by now. Marvel released the image of one of the Spider-Woman #1 covers by Milo Manara. After Marvel shook up the comic book world by announcing Thor would become a woman, and that Captain America would now be a black man, seeing this new Spider-Woman cover has been pretty frustrating.  In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the cover:


Let’s just compare this to how we usually see Spider-Man portrayed:

After Marvel made so many awesome strides this summer, it’s really frustrating to see the comic giant publish a cover like this. Instead of portraying her as strong and super-human, like the Spider-Man drawing I’ve posted here, Spider-Woman’s highly sexualized and the most remarkable thing about her appears to be her perfectly sculpted ass…

Read the rest at Outright Geekery! 

8 thoughts on “Marvel’s New Spider-Woman Cover Is Pretty Frustrating

  1. I actually kind of like Milo Manara’s art, in context. But if I want booty porn, I’ll look at booty porn. I read comics for stories of awesome heroes kicking ass and taking names. Lame Marvel. Lame.

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