Project-Nerd Post: Blocktor Who!

I have a really exciting announcement! I’ve just signed on to be a news writer for the amazing nerdy website, Project-Nerd, and I am so excited!

Today, I’m over there talking about the announcement that came out yesterday from Microsoft, Mojang, and the BBC: Doctor Who skin packs are headed to Minecraft! I’m talking about it over at Project-Nerd, and I hope you’ll join me!

…BBC, Microsoft, and Mojang have just announced that Xbox Minecraft players will soon be given access to Doctor Who skins. The plan is to continue releasing skin packs as time goes on. In the first pack, Minecrafters can look forward to seeing skins that will allow them to change their avatars to Capaldi’s newly-introduced Twelfth Doctor (we can debate if he is actually the twelfth later) as well as five other as-yet-unnamed Doctors, several well known companions, and some of the favorite villains from the show–yes, Daleks are included….read the rest over at Project-Nerd! 


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