The Year of the Deanmon

Warning: If you’re not caught up on Supernatural, and you care about spoilers, stop reading IMMEDIATELY. 


I’ve been talking a LOT about season 10 of Supernatural. If you’ve missed it, you can check out my posts on the musical episode, the season 10 promo poster and fan-made posters, and the “Road So Far“. This is gonna be a big year for our favorite hunters. We haven’t really ended a season on such an edge-of-your-seat cliffhanger since Sam accidentally started the apocalypse.

sam oops

Well, after a ton of teasers, we’ve finally seen the official trailer for season 10. In short? It looks like Demon Dean,or “Deanmon”, which is what the CW is trying to make happen…

not gonna happen

…is going to be a BIG handful, and Sam is going to cause a lot of destruction trying to fix Dean.

One of the most interesting things I took from the trailer is the talk of what Demon De–I mean “Deanmon”

sam eye roll

–really is. We all know Dean still has his anti-possession tattoo, and we even see it in the trailer. Of course, nothing really possessed Dean after Metatron stabbed him. He was just sort of ushered by Crowley over to the dark side.


Though we only got snippets, obviously, there is a part in the trailer where it is mentioned that whatever has created Demon Dean has spawned from his own demons, which we know he has a TON of. It will be really interesting to learn the origin of what exactly has created “Deanmon”.

dean eye rollThe other piece of this–that wasn’t addressed in the trailer–is after Cain transferred The Mark to Dean, Dean promised Cain he’d kill him after right after killing Abaddon. As far as we know, Dean hasn’t made good on his promise to Cain. I’m hopeful this means we’ll see some more of Cain this season, and maybe he’ll be able to shed some light on what really happened to my favorite hunter other than, you know, the obvious:

demon dean

I’ve got the trailer below for your viewing pleasure. I’d love to hear what you think about season 10 in the comments!

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