Project-Nerd Post: Deadpool Movie? Deadpool Movie.

The internet kind of exploded when Deadpool test footage first hit the interwebz (embedded below for your viewing pleasure). Now it looks like a Deadpool movie is actually going to happen! Join me over at Project-Nerd to talk about it!

Here’s an excerpt:

After test footage of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool was leaked a few months ago, the rumor mill has been working over time on whether or not a Deadpool movie would be in our future. Turns out, it definitely is–though it might be rated PG-13.

Since the movie was just greenlit, I think it’s still a bit early to say if the PG-13 rating will hurt the movie. It certainly stands to reason that movie Deadpool might be very different than the foul-mouthed, jovial (yet a bit psychotically bloodthirsty) Deadpool of the comics, and Deadpool fans have certainly been burned before (shoots angry glance to X-Men: Origins)…

Read the rest over at Project-Nerd!

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