5 Things to Remember from Last Season of Supernatural

Supernatural season 10 premieres on the CW on October 7, with a 10 year retrospective airing the night before. You can see the CW’s official synopsis for the season premiere and retrospective here, and you can see the season 10 trailer here. And in case you missed it, I talk about the upcoming 200th “musical-ish” episode here.

It’s been a while since we last saw Sam and Dean, so here are a few things to remember from last season as you get ready for season 10 to start up next week. Spoiler alert for those who aren’t caught up:

the road so far

1. Dean is a demon. 

Okay, let’s just rip the band-aid off and get this one behind us quickly. After chasing down Metatron with the First Blade, Dean was stabbed and killed. His last words to Sam were, “I’m proud of us.” Even though you know when a Winchester dies they don’t really die, it was still pretty brutal.

samcriesidieLet’s move on quickly…

SOOOO, while Sam is attempting to summon Crowley to help him bring Dean back, Crowley is actually in Dean’s room urging him to fully accept the power of the First Blade. Dean obviously does and, well…

demon dean

2. Cas is still losing his stolen grace

At the end of season 8, Metatron stole Cas’ grace to complete the spell to shut heaven, and caused all the angels to fall. This meant Cas was stranded on earth without any grace. Cas passed the time as best he could…

cas job

Ultimately, he got sick of being a regular guy, and stole grace from another angel.

cas grace

While my main focus has been on Dean, it is definitely important to remember that Castiel is still operating with his waning, stolen grace, without a clear solution in sight.

3. Sam Doesn’t Know What Happened to Dean

In the season 9 finale, we don’t see what happens between this nonsense:

season 9

And this nonsense:


And we also don’t know what happens directly after Dean “turns”, though the premiere synopsis makes it sound like Dean gives Sam the slip after he becomes *groan* “Deanmon”. It’s unclear if Sam is 100% unaware of what happened to Dean, or if Sam knows about Dean’s change and just can’t track him down. Either way, Dean is doing every thing he can to keep Sam in the dark.

4. Kevin Tran is Still Dead


I don’t want to talk about it…


5. Abaddon May Be Dead and Metatron May Be Locked Heaven’s Dungeon, But Crowley’s Alive, Dean’s a Demon, Cas is Losing Grace, Heaven is Still Shut, and Cain is Still Alive

In short?


Supernatural premieres on October 7 on the CW at 9/8c, and don’t forget to catch the Supernatural retrospective, “A Very Special Supernatural Special” on Monday, October 6 right after The Originals.

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2 thoughts on “5 Things to Remember from Last Season of Supernatural

  1. I love “Supernatural” and it just keeps getting better each season. The 9th season did not disappoint: It was crazy. I absolutely cannot wait for season 10! 😀 Also? Looking forward to Deanmon singing karaoke! Lol.

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