Supernatural Recap: Black

We’ve been waiting for this all summer, Supernatural family. Finally, finally the hellatus is over!

**spoiler alert**

SPNIf you want to see a synopsis of the episode, I’ve got it for you here, but the long and short of this episode’s story line was: WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH DEAN?!?

One of my big questions going into this season was whether or not Sam knew what happened to Dean. Last we saw, Sam had laid Dean in his bed and gone off to summon Crowley. Apparently, once Crowley “midwifes” Dean back to life, as Crowley put it, Crowley and Dean just…leave. Of course Dean leaves a note. He may be a demon, but he wasn’t raised in a barn, amirite?


(Let’s just move on quickly from the fact that even though he’s Demon Dean, he still refers to Sam as Sammy…)

Sam spends the majority of the episode trying to track down Dean. He knows Dean is alive, and after seeing a surveillance tape of Dean beating the crap out of someone, Sam also notices that his big brother’s eyes are a bit more…black and demony than when they last spoke. Though he had heard Dean was a demon, I don’t think Sam actually fully believed it until the moment he saw Dean’s eyes change on tape. The more he learns about what is really happening with Dean, the less hope Sam has of ever getting his brother back. Of course, nearly insurmountable odds and a snowball’s chance has never stopped a Winchester, and it certainly isn’t stopping Sam now–even though things look bleak.

sam save

Sam ends up being captured by someone who is also searching for Dean, only this guy clearly intends to kill Dean, and he intends to use Sam as bait.

Meanwhile Cas, who was more than willing to help Sam track down Dean but is more of a liability to Sam rather than a help due to his waning grace, is still searching for a grace solution while attempting to help Sam–badly. Though they don’t get too deep into it, we’re clued into the fact that the last time Sam and Cas tried to find Dean, a demon was able to hurt Sam. This is, of course, meant to explain why Sam’s arm is in a cast since Jared Padalecki had a real shoulder injury that required a sling. BUT STILL, Cas is dying, guys. It’s not a good thing.

The angels have managed to re-open heaven, but there are still a few rebellious angels who are trying to stay on earth. Cas and Hannah spend the episode trying to track down a couple of “heaven deserters” with the hopes that they can figure out a way to get Cas a grace recharge.

And then we have Dean and Crowley, living the high life, chronicling what Crowley calls the Misadventures of Crowley and Squirrel. Of course, Crowley has always had a bit of a soft spot for Dean…


…and now that they are both demon-ish, it seems like they are closer than ever. I was fine with Crowley and Squirrel until this moment happened:


notokay2Which, if you’re not sure why this is simply NOT OKAY, let me remind you of this:


While Crowley and Dean are living it up in a crappy dive bar in the middle of nowhere, Dean drinking himself silly, singing bad karaoke, and boinking the local bartenders, we also learn something interesting about Dean’s “condition”. We knew he wasn’t technically possessed when Crowley brought Dean back, but it seems that Dean’s also not fully demon either. As long as Dean can continue sating the Mark of Cain–which Crowley does for Dean by regularly sending demons to attack Dean–Dean won’t become a full demon.

So while Dean is certainly a lot more harsh, violent, and startlingly awful to the bartender he was seeing, there are still glimpses of Dean left. Namely, when Dean is informed Sam was captured as a way to bring Dean in. Sure, Demon Dean reacts a bit differently than normal Dean would have by not immediately rushing into a giant trap simply to trail to pull a ridiculous hail Mary to save his brother (the Winchester signature move), and he even says any bind Sam is in by chasing after Dean is Sam’s fault since Dean explicitly told Sam to let him go. However, it is pretty clear that even as Demon Dean, he does not take kindly to people messing with Sammy.

deanmonAt this point, there’s not a lot to say. This episode was mainly laying groundwork–and there was a lot of groundwork needed after a season finale like we had in season 9. We know a bit more about Dean’s condition, and that Crowley and Squirrel are causing trouble together like true besties. We know that Sam is hellbent (pun intended, sorry) on finding and saving Dean, and we know Cas is in big trouble if he doesn’t get some grace fast.

One thing we didn’t get to really see yet was black-eyed Dean, and I think that was done intentionally. By not showing a close up of Dean’s eyes turning completely black, the writers showed us that Dean isn’t 100% gone. It also plays into what Crowley told Sam at the beginning of the episode, that Dean isn’t possessed and any “demons” in Dean are 100% his.

The “monster inside me” is clearly a theme that is going to play out all season, as several promos for season 10 showed Dean asking Sam who the real monster was between the two of them. Sam is going to do some questionable stuff to find Dean, and we got a brief taste of it when we saw Sam interrogating a demon at the start of the episode.

All in all, this episode was great. It laid a great foundation for the rest of the season, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for us, especially with the Demon Dean story arc. How about you? What did you think of the premiere? Let me know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Supernatural Recap: Black

  1. I’m more worried about Cas than the rest of them! But I’m enjoying Demon!Dean and I hope he isn’t fixed/cured/healed anytime soon.

    1. Yeah, Cas is in a pickle. I think I’ve just assumed in my head that he’ll be fine. Ha. Definitely interested in the development of Demon!Dean. I hope that don’t try to wrap it up too quickly either.

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