The Walking Dead Recap at The Mary Sue

You guys, I have some super incredibly exciting news: I will be recapping The Walking Dead over at The Mary Sue this season! I love that website, and I’m incredibly excited to get to cover one of my favorite shows for them. So each week I’ll post a link here to my review over there, and I hope you guys will join me!



This is how you do a season premiere, kids. The Walking Dead is back with a serious bang!

We ended last season with most of Team Prison trapped in a boxcar on Terminus, Rick filled with a strange sense of strength and hubris, saying Terminus’ friendly neighborhood cannibals were “screwing with the wrong people.” I’ll be honest, while I was certainly rooting for Rick and the gang to get out of Terminus, I really had no idea how they were going to get out. I figured they’d escape somehow, but there would be serious casualties, and it certainly wouldn’t leave Terminus feeling regret over capturing Rick and his pals. The pictures circulating of Glenn seemingly moments away from death only doubled these feelings…

Read the rest over at The Mary Sue! 

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