Supernatural Recap: Reichenbach


If you haven’t checked out my recap of last week’s episode, head over here. And if you’re not caught up with Supernatural, this is your official spoiler alert.


 I’m gonna break this up into two sections. The Cas, Hannah, and Metatron section, and the Dean, Crowley, and Sam section.

Let’s start with Cas and Co:

Cas was in bad shape during the season premiere, and he’s only doing worse this week. While Cas seems pretty content to just let himself waste away, Hannah isn’t cool with him dying. So she pays a visit to heaven-jail and tries to get any remaining bits of Cas’ grace from Metatron. It doesn’t go too well, to say the least.


Metatron is willing (or at least he says he’s willing) to hand over what remains of Cas’ grace in exchange for his freedom. Hannah is willing to make that trade, but Cas walks in and stops her. He also does a bit of smack talking about how, though he may be dying, his happy place is resting in the knowledge that Metatron is rotting away in heaven-jail. Metatron does some smack talking back about how he’ll get out and kill everyone. You know, pretty standard. Ultimately, Cas is still dying, Metatron is still locked up, and Hannah is still trying to figure out a way to save Cas.

Unexpected favorite thing of this episode? Hannah. This is the first episode where I’ve started to actually care about her. We’re starting to see a bit more of her personality apart from being a soldier, and we also get to see her genuine care and concern for Castiel. More importantly, we’re seeing some of that angel awkwardness we haven’t really experienced since we were first introduced to Cas.

3beansurprise whats the surprise

I love this show, but I also know what it does to female characters that I love. I mean…


…and also…


…and lest we forget…


I could go on, but you get the idea. I have a real sinking feeling that Hannah is going to die and give Cas her grace. I mean, I don’t want Cas to die, but I’m really hoping that we don’t have to pick between Cas and Hannah. Her character has some real potential, and I’d love to see where it takes us. We’ll have to see what happens in the coming weeks. I’m pulling for ya, Hannah!

Let’s move on to Crowley, Sam, and Dean: 

Demon Dean was kinda intriguing in episode one, I’ll admit it. Maybe it’s just me, but I wasn’t as freaked out by Demon Dean in the premiere as I thought I’d be. He didn’t seem insanely different from Dean, just a lot more lecherous and a lot more violent.

That definitely changed in Reichenbach. Holy crap.

First off, he flashed the demon eyes a lot more this episode.

demon dean eyes

He defied the King of Hell (who had been helping Dean feed the Mark, remember) in front of two other demons, simultaneously hitting Crowley right in the bestie-feels:

no besties

When Sam finally found Dean and promised to help him, Dean responded by saying:

scary dean1 scarydean1

Then he threatened Sam again after Sam captured Dean, and tried to take him back to the Bunker:

no mercy

And, most horrifyingly of all, when Sam mentioned how messy the Impala was, Dean actually said:


Just a car?!?


Yeah, okay, I’m officially freaked out by Demon Dean. Major props to Jensen Ackles for his amazing portrayal of Demon Dean. Namely, his ability to find a way to make Dean’s usually endearing smile and snark inherently dark and terrifying:


For me, the big question of the episode is what is truly left of Dean? He spends the entire episode violently pushing everyone away from him, threatening the one person he literally sold his soul to protect, neglecting the Impala, and acting like a complete pig (That scene of him at the strip club? Yeah, not a fan of that).

At the same time, there are still glimpses of Dean. I didn’t notice this, and will have to go back and re-watch to verify, but word on the interwebz is when Dean sat down at the piano, he was playing “Hey Jude”–which is huge if it’s true since “Hey Jude” is the song his mom would sing to him as a kid instead of a lullaby. And even though Dean wasn’t thrilled to see Sam turn up…


…he was pretty quick to beat the snot out of Cole, the guy who had kidnapped and threatened to kill Sam in the last episode.

While it could just be defiance, it’s also worth mentioning Crowley commissioning Dean to kill a cheating wife after her husband made a crossroads deal to have her killed. Dean decides to kill the husband instead because Dean thought the husband was a creep–which he was, by the way.

While these are only brief moments, and they’re still rather dark, it makes me wonder how much of Dean is really still there. Dean’s always been riddled with guilt and feelings of worthlessness, so it’s possible that maybe Dean is embracing the Mark because he thinks he deserves it. However, he’s lucid enough to push those he cares about away from him so he doesn’t hurt them.

I might be grasping at straws here, but Demon Dean is kind of killing my soul, guys. Sadly, after checking out the trailer for next week’s episode, “Soul Survivor”, it looks like things are gonna have to get worse before they get better.

Check out the trailer for “Soul Survivor” below, and leave your thoughts about “Reichenbach” in the comments!

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