Project-Nerd Post: Posthuman Project

I had the opportunity to review the film The Posthuman Project over at Project-Nerd. The Posthuman Project is an independent movie about teenagers who gain super powers, so of course I couldn’t wait to watch this film. I hope you’ll join me over at Project-Nerd to talk about the film!

With Marvel eating up the box office, and DC invading television, we’re not experiencing any sort of a shortage of superhero stories. FromThe Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, to Gotham and Arrow, there are a lot of costumed heroes guarding our cities. If you don’t look too closely, they can all start to look a bit alike.

Enter The Posthuman Project, a movie described as a film with the heart of a John Hughes movie, and the flare of one by J.J. Abrams. I will be honest, I would have never put those two things together myself, so I felt like I had to see this film–if only to slate my curiosity…

Read the rest over at Project-Nerd! 


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