Everyday Cosplay at GeekGirlCon 2014

I’m wrapping up my coverage of GeekGirlCon 2014 with a post about the everyday cosplay outfits I wore at the con. You can find the sets I created for each outfit on my Polyvore page. Also, if you haven’t checked out Part I and Part II of my GGC wrap-up, be sure to do that, and remember to check out my post about the convention itself and my plans as I geared up for the con. Now let’s get to the outfits!

Day 1: The Twelfth Doctor
12th Doctor Everyday Cosplay

I started out the con with Doctor Who cosplay, mainly because the outfit contained leggings–the comfiest type of pants in the entire universe. While I was pretty certain I’d do Sam Winchester everday cosplay from the start, it took me a while to land on this outfit. I ultimately chose to go as the 12th Doctor because it was easily cobbled together with stuff I already had in my closet–including the sonic screwdriver, which, if you read my Her Universe Fangirl of the Day post, is usually kept at my desk at work for timey-wimey emergencies, but I digress..

The outfit was incredibly comfortable, and for a first dive into everyday cosplay, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out:

12 ec

I also got really fancy, and I did an accent nail on each hand that related to each of my everyday cosplay outfits. Here was my Who-related accent nail (also, it’s the better accent nail–my SPN accent nail is a hot mess, just wait, you’ll see). It’s a tiny, teal Dalek!

dalek nail

 Day 2: Sam Winchester
Sam Winchester Everyday Cosplay
I knew I wanted to create an everday cosplay outfit based on one of the Winchesters, and I ultimately landed on Sam because, even though I’m more of a Dean girl, my hair more closely resembles Sam’s season 8 hair. With the exception of the anti-possession sigil necklace (which was super cheap at Hot Topic), this was another outfit easily cobbled together with stuff in my own closet. It, like the Doctor outfit, was also incredibly comfortable–which was really important to me as I darted about the convention.
sam ec
 As promised, here is my horrible, horrible attempt at a sort of, kind of, devil’s trap-ish accent nail:
spn nail

I’d say my first dive into the world of everday cosplay was pretty successful–certainly more successful than my last attempts at full-out cosplay. If you want to see someone who is truly awesome at everyday cosplay, and was the inspiration behind my attempt, check out The Nerdy Girlie’s website.

If you’re interested in learning more about GeekGirlCon, head to their website. Everyone who works for the con is a volunteer, and they rely largely on donations. If you’re interested in donating to the con (they even have prizes if you donate certain amounts), you can do that here.

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