The Flash Recap: Going Rogue

Though we were only three episodes in last week, I felt like I had to talk about how I wasn’t as excited about The Flash as I thought I’d be. However, after Tuesday’s episode, I have got to say I was impressed and encouraged. So let’s talk about some of the great stuff from Tuesday’s episode, “Going Rogue”. Obviously if you’re not caught up on The Flash: SPOILERS, DEAD AHEAD!

In this episode we were officially introduced to Wentworth Miller’s character, Leonard Snart


…aka Captain Cold, and we were treated to a visit from everyone’s favorite hacker, Felicity Smoak.

felicity smoak

In this episode, the unfortunately named criminal, Leonard Snart…


…gets his hands on a powerful freezing gun Cisco created while Barry was in a coma (to stop Barry in case he woke from his coma as a speedy evildoer). With this new weapon, Captain Cold’s crime game is brought up to a whole new level. Though Captain Cold isn’t a meta-human, his serious evil streak paired with a deadly gun makes him a formidable enemy for Barry. After shooting Barry with the freeze ray, Captain Cold is able to slow Barry down enough to can kill an innocent bystander before Barry is able to intervene.

Barry has a really hard time dealing with the fact he was unable to save someone, and he feels betrayed when he learns Cisco was the creator of the gun. Felicity, well versed in the brooding, lonely superhero, is able to offer Barry a bit of guidance, reminding Barry that, though Cisco should have told Barry about the gun, no one knew what to expect if Barry woke from his coma, and no one knew what would happen with his new abilities. She also tells him the life of a vigilante is a lonely one, and he doesn’t need to make it any more lonely than it needs to be.Though Barry leaves to fight the Captain alone (with his communication device off, no less), Cisco, Felicity, and Caitlin end up coming to Barry’s aid, saving him before Captain Snart

moriarty giggles

…can kill Barry. Team Flash 5eva.

This episode felt like one of the most genuine episodes since the premiere. The story was simple and character-driven, we got a pleasant visit from a friendly face from Starling City, and we were introduced to a villain who is clearly going to be around for more than one episode, like past villains. Unfortunate name or not, I think Captain Cold will prove to be a very interesting villain. Wentworth Miller did a great job in this episode, and I cannot wait to see what else he brings to the show and to his character.

We also got another glimpse into the character of the uber sketchy Dr. Harrison Wells, in a way that didn’t include his super secret, future-showing hologram room.


Harrison is furious with Cisco when he finds out Cisco not only created, but then promptly lost, an incredibly powerful, dangerous weapon. It’s the first time we see Harrison act like anything more than a cool, science-loving, uncle-boss to Cisco and Caitlin, so it’s a bit startling. However, it’s also understandable. Cisco created a dangerous weapon in STAR Labs and then housed that dangerous weapon within STAR Labs without telling his superior. In fact, Harrison probably wouldn’t have ever known about the gun had one of Captain Cold’s men not stolen it.

Still, knowing what we do about Harrison’s secret room, his knowledge of Barry’s future, and the fact he is lying about his injury–and the need for glasses–made his furious reaction to Cisco a bit unsettling. That paired with his warning to Cisco at the end of the episode to never do something like that again–a warning administered in a highly threatening tone–sent up a ton of red flags for me. Still, is Harrison a bad guy, or is he just the biggest supporter of Barry the world’s ever seen? We know Cisco’s gun was created to stop Barry, and it is the only thing that can truly slow him down. With his knowledge of the future, maybe Harrison knows this gun will play a part in the destruction or departure of Barry from Central City, and that was what angered Harrison so much.

Or maybe it’s because Harrison is actually a crazy, evil, whackadoo scientist that is bent on destroying everything. Only time will tell, really.

The other notable moment in this episode was finally getting some context around this moment:

barry felicity

The Olicity shipper in me was, surprisingly, pretty okay with this moment. Actually, a lot more okay with it than I thought I’d be. Basically what happens: Felicity is on the train back to Starling City, and Barry zips onboard to say goodbye. They both discuss their complicated love lives, Felicity with Oliver, and Barry with Iris. Felicity makes an off-hand comment about the two of them being perfect for one another, if only they weren’t pining for other people. Barry promises to be there whenever Felicity needs her, and Felicity does the same. Then they kiss. Like I said, I’m on the Olicity train, but I found this whole situation–and the whole episode–pretty sweet. Oliver is some pretty heavily damaged goods right now, so even though it seems like neither Barry or Felicity are in a place where they want to date one another, I still like them together. They’d make a pretty cute couple.

Besides, I love that Felicity isn’t a character who lives and dies by this unrequited love with Oliver. Oliver pushes her away, and Felicity creates boundaries with him to protect herself. She goes back to work at Queen Consolidated, even after Oliver lost the company, and she’s spending time with other guys. Of course she cares for Oliver, but she does her very best to move on and growing as a person after he broke her heart. Sorry Ollie, Felicity’s a catch. You snooze, you lose.


I realize this episode was a bit out of the ordinary since Felicity was a part of it, but I’m hoping this episode signals the forward motion of this show, developing characters, fleshing out villains, and digging a bit deeper beyond, “It’s cool to run fast!” Great episode, Flash. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store next week.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments!

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