Orphan Black Season 3 Teaser and #OrphanBlackFriday

You guys, check it out! BBC America released the teaser for Orphan Black season three, and I’ve got it for you here:

What does it tell us about season three? Absolutely nothing, but OH MY WORD, I cannot wait for this show to come back on the air! We still have a bit of a wait, but to tide us over until the season three premiere, BBC America will be celebrating Black Friday with Orphan Black Friday. On November 28th, BBC America will be airing a 6-episode marathon of Orphan Black, starting with the series premiere, “Natural Selection”. The remaining five episodes in the marathon will be decided by us, the Clone Club! You can head over to the BBC America site to vote for your favorite episodes. Polls close on November 13, so get moving, Clone Club! The marathon will start on November 28 at 12am/11 central and go through 6am/5 central. So skip the crazy sales at 0’dark thirty, and spend your Black Friday cozied up with Sarah, Cosima, Helena, Allison, and Felix!

clone club

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