Supernatural’s 200th Episode “Fanfiction” Airs Tonight

SPN title

Can you believe Supernatural has been around for 200 episodes? It’s been about a decade of saving people and hunting things, and tonight the boys will embark on their most challenging issue yet: the musical (ish) episode.

I’m not going to be able to watch “Fan Fiction” live because I’ve got ballet and Nutcracker rehearsal, but for all of you who are watching live and are on Twitter, be sure to follow Jensen Ackles’ Twitter and Misha Collins’ Twitter. They’ll both be live-tweeting during the show. According to a tweet from Misha, Jared Padalecki will be on an airplane during the episode, so he won’t be able to live-tweet. Though it’s worth checking his Twitter since you might get some classic Padalecki airline complaints, which always fun to watch unfold.

Will you be watching tonight? Are you excited about “Fan Fiction”, or do you think the episode will be stupid? Let me know in the comments! Happy hunting, Supernatural Family!

7 thoughts on “Supernatural’s 200th Episode “Fanfiction” Airs Tonight

  1. I confess I’m new to Supernatural, and am not caught up to the current season yet, but this sounds like fun and I’m going to try to catch it. Team Dean, over here.. I’m glad he’ll be tweeting.

    1. Yeah, I have been doing ballet for about two years now, and I got my first pair of pointe shoes in March. It’s a hoot. I don’t talk a great deal about it here, but I’ll probably do a post after Nutcracker wraps. It’s incredibly challenging–especially now that I’m in pointe shoes–but I love it SO MUCH.

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