The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale at The Mary Sue

Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead was CRAZY intense and super tragic. Join me over at The Mary Sue for some group therapy.


I say this every week, but oh my word, those of you who aren’t caught up on The Walking Dead, heed my warning today especially: Spoiler. Alert.

This week brought us the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, and honestly, I’m kind of just sitting here shell shocked over the entire episode. The last time the show had me this torn up was the “look at the flowers” incident. So let’s try to process the episode together.

Last week’s episode set us up for a big showdown between Rick’s group and the hospital. Rick had captured three of Dawn’s cops, and the plan was to offer an exchange, Dawn’s officers for Beth and Carol. The episode ended with Officer Bob knocking out Sasha and escaping. This week kicked off with Bob running away, Rick close at his heels. After Rick tells Bob to stop running and Bob refuses, Rick rams a car into Bob–possibly breaking Bob’s spine–and then shoots Bob in the head. I gotta be honest. Rick acting this mercilessly and this brutally, offering Bob one chance to surrender and then paralyzing and killing him? That kind of reminds me of someone…

Read the rest at The Mary Sue!

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