Cinema Blend Post: Shiny Firefly Animation

I meant to share this with you guys last week, but that didn’t happen. However, I’m talking about something pretty fun in this post, so I thought it was basically to gorram amazing to not share this post I wrote for Cinema Blend with you guys–even if it is a week later.


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Anyway, on to the post. I’m talking about an amazing, 2.5 second-long Firefly animation created by artist Stephen Byrne. It’s a spot-on clip that Firefly fans will love, and it packs quite a surprising punch of feels in a very short period of time. It also features my favorite intergalactic couple, Zoe and Wash, which makes it immediately amazing.



So make like a leaf on the wind, and soar on over at Cinema Blend to see the entire post!

Animator Stephen Byrne has recently released this production diary of his journey bringing this amazingly perfect animated Firefly short to life (seriously, it’s about 2.5 seconds long). Take a peek and be sure to pull out your tissues.

Byrne’s production diary proves that bringing the world this seconds-long clip was truly a labor of love. His animation of Wash and Zoe is completely spot on, and he has managed to create what I can only imagine is the world record for Greatest Amount of Feels in the Shortest Period of Time…

See the animation and read the rest over at Cinema Blend!

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