Oscars I Think Transforms: Age of Extinction Should Actually Be Nominated For


If you haven’t heard by now, Paramount is actually, seriously promoting Transformers: Age of Extinction for Oscar nominations–including the big ones, Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay. You can check out the post I did for Cinema Blend to get all of the details. I’ve got to be honest here. While I love the idea of the Academy including more box office hits to the list of Oscar-nominated, I can’t help but cringe at the thought of this movie actually getting to call itself an Oscar nominee.

However, I figure I’m just being a snob. Maybe Age of Extinction should get an Oscar or two. So, for your consideration, here are a few Oscars I think Age of Extinction deserves:

Best Dinobot in a Supporting Role

He was metal and he breathed fire. An inspired, transfixing performance, indeed. I only wish the dinobot had more time on camera. Five stars.

Best Confused, Frown, Sexy Face By An Actor In A Lead Role

This look is classic Whalberg. Is he confused? Is he angry? Is he vengeful? Is he trying to seduce you? Who knows. Only Marky Mark and his mystical, furrowed brow knows.

Best Failed Attempt To Hide a Boston Accent By An Actor In A Lead Role


I’m sorry to pick on you, Mark, but you guys, can we all just agree that he just can’t do any sort of an accent other than his native Boston accent? He always, always sounds Bostonian. I think we all need to make a pact that if we ever plan to cast Mark Whalberg in an upcoming project, he always gets to play a guy from Boston. Either that, or we need to collectively agree as a movie going audience that we don’t hear his accent. Kind of an Emperor’s New Clothes–er, accent–situation.

Most Unnecessary Relationship and Legal Justification by Actors in Supporting Roles

He’s 20, she’s 17. Legally, he’s an adult and she’s a minor. However, the brains behind Age of Extinction wanted the two of them to be together, and they wanted the characters to be 20 and 17. Instead of questioning the right or wrongness of portraying that relationship onscreen, the moviemakers instead took time out of the film to create a thorough, extensive explanation how their relationship was legally acceptable (citing the Romeo and Juliet law). It was awkward, weird, and felt unnecessary. Why they didn’t just make the fictitious character 18, we’ll never know.

Best Explosions Of All Time. Okay, Michael? If We Say You’re The Best, Will You Cool It?

I don’t know what else he wants. Maybe if we all say he’s amazing and beautiful and brilliant, he’ll cool it with the Excesses of Explosion Films with a Flimsy Plot. Or maybe it will only make him stronger… It’s a chance we’ll just have to take.

The actual Oscar nominees are announced on January 15, 2015. We’ll have to see where the Autobots assemble among the Academy’s list of nominated pictures. Do you think the film deserves an Oscar? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Oscars I Think Transforms: Age of Extinction Should Actually Be Nominated For

  1. I have a lot of issues with the Oscars as it is, and if this actually gets nominated I might have a hissy fit in my apartment, complete with feet stomping. How they could even think of considering this and snub the Dark Knight is just baffling.

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