Cinema Blend Post: Star Wars and the Mysterious Captain Phasma

Hey, guys! So the end of this year has been nutty with me starting at Cinema Blend and entering into crunch time for my studio’s production of The Nutcracker. Because of that, I’ve been a bit scarce around here, and I apologize for that. Things will get back to normal once Nutcracker ends, I promise! For now, I’m at Cinema Blend talking about a new character that is headed our way on The Force Awakens. I hope you’ll join me over there to talk about this “Captain Phasma” person. Seriously am I the only one who thinks that’s a dumb name?? Honestly, with all the fuss over “Saber-Gate“…

awesome lightsaber

…you’d think there would be more hubbub over giving a character a name that makes him sound like he’s Captain Planet’s right hand man, amirite?

Also? That light saber is actually awesome, so…anyway…On to my Cinema Blend article…

Last week brought the clever, trading card-themed release of several character names for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. That adorable droid that looks like a mash-up of a soccer ball and R2-D2 is named BB-8. The sith with that arguably awesome lightsaber is named Kylo Ren, and Jason Boyega’s character is named Finn. However, the name that has really got Star Wars fans talking is Captain Phasma. Who exactly is Captain Phasma?

Prior to Disney’s character name release, Disney filed copyright applications for each of their characters names that were a part of the release. However, Stitch Kingdom has uncovered that along with the characters registered who were represented in the teaser trailer, allowing us to put a name to the face (or back, in Kylo Ren’s case), a “Captain Phasma” was also a registered name…

Read the rest at Cinema Blend!

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