Cinema Blend Post: Orphan Black 3 Trailer!!!

Guys! It’s time for a Clone Club Party!!!

clone-dance-party5Really though, it’s time to get excited. While I was certainly amped to see the first teaser trailer for Orphan Black Season 3, I was kind of bummed that the teaser was such a…well, such a tease. There weren’t any clones in the trailer, and all we got was a close up of some cell division. I’m sure the close up of crazy science got some of us excited…

great scott

…but I really wanted to see my girls in the Clone Club. So I was SO STOKED to see an actual trailer for Season 3 of Orphan Black, and let me just tell you this season looks like it will be NUTS. Just check out this picture that BBC America released from Season 3:

sarah and rudyA showdown between Sarah Manning and Marian’s crazy guy clone (also known as “Rudy”)? I cannot WAIT to see what goes down! So that’s enough waiting. I’ve got the trailer for you over at Cinema Blend.

Head over there to watch the trailer now! 

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