Arrow News: First Look at The Atom Costume

Hey, Team Arrow!!! I just got something awesome from The CW! We all knew this was coming after Felicity agreed to help Ray out with the nanochip for his super-suit in last week’s episode, and it seems our wait is finally over. The CW has officially released a first look at Ray Palmer’s (Brandon Routh) costume for The Atom! Check it out!

ArrowThere aren’t any details beyond this peek at Ray’s completely awmazing suit, but it looks like we won’t have to wait too long to see The Atom in action. Ray Palmer will step into the Atom suit for the first time in the upcoming episode of Arrow, “Nanda Parbat”, which will air on the CW on February 25 at 8/7c.

What do you think of Ray’s suit? What have you thought of the second half of this season of Arrow? Let me know in the comments! 

4 thoughts on “Arrow News: First Look at The Atom Costume

    1. Felicay! lol! I love it. Perfect ship name. And I am an Olicity shipper myself, but I have to say that I definitely agree with you. They’re great together. Apparently, I’m a terrible Olicity shipper. 🙂

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