5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Pop Funko Figures


Happy Friday, nerds!

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge collector outside of books. Being a military brat, I have a sort of natural aversion to keeping too many tchotckes around the house. However, there is just something about Funko dolls that I cannot get over. They are just too cute, and I love putting them at my desk at work. I don’t ever think I’ll get a huge collection (again with the military brat thing), but Funko does a great job of coming out with cute, creative dolls that I can’t help but buy. Here are my 5 favorite dolls, three of them I own, two I hope to buy.

The Ones I Own:

pop funkoI love these three so much. From left to right, I have a doll of Charlie from Supernatural that I am completely obsessed with (I’ve said it before though, I’m kind of just obsessed with Charlie in general).


…A Hot Topic exclusive doll (that is, sadly, now sold out), Castiel from Supernatural–with wings (ominous lighting not included).

castiel wings

…and a Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen doll–with a tiny dragon!


The other two that I cannot WAIT to get my hands on are a part of the new Orphan Black line. These guys will be out this month through May of 2015 exclusively at Hot Topic. Here are the two I am planning to add to my collection:

The Helena Doll

Helena Orphan Black Funko

I know Helena is completely nuts, but I love that sugar-addicted weirdo. Of course, I can’t have Helena without adding one of her seestras, right?

The Cosima Doll

Cosima Orphan Black FunkoCosima is probably the clone that I most want to be best buds with, so I knew I had to add her to my collection. Besides, after the super sweet interaction Cosima had with Helena last season…

helena and cosima

helena and cosima 2

helena and cosima 3

…I’m pretty sure adding those two to my tiny Funko collection would be just about perfect.

Do you have any Funko dolls? Which are your favorite? Which ones are on your wish list? Let me know in the comments! And, as always, be sure to check out my other Fandom 5 posts and see what everyone else is talking about today by following the #Fandom5 hashtag! 

20 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Pop Funko Figures

  1. I have the same Daenerys! Love her little Dragon. This year has SO many Funko releases I want…the Age of Ultron series Avengers, Firefly, and (though I’m not sure it’s confirmed?) Sailor Moon to name a few!

  2. I love the new Orphan Black funkos, the Rachel one is kinda gruesome but made me giggle. For some reason I have about 4 different versions of Daenerys… I keep thinking I might swap one of them for one of the other characters but I can’t bear to part with them lol xoxo

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