Everyday Cosplay: Black Canary

I have been wanting to bring a bit more fandom into my everyday life. I’ve started doing this by adding fandom-inspired nails to my life, but I thought I’d also start trying my hand at everyday cosplay.

I work in an office, and while it’s pretty casual, it’s still my job, so I’ve gotta keep my outfits a bit more professional. Since I spend most of my time at the office, I thought I’d try my hand at an office-appropriate everyday cosplay look. As I’m sure you’ve notice by now, my first attempt at everyday cosplay for the office is inspired by Arrow’s Black Canary.

This particular look was pretty easy to assemble. Black is often my go-to color when it comes to office wear, and I thought my dark-rimmed glasses could be a more normal better look for the office rather than an actual mask. Take a look at the collection I created on Polyvore:

Black Canary Every Day Cosplay
I’m wearing this outfit today, which happens to be a day where I am giving a presentation at work. Nothing to give you that extra boost of confidence like dressing in an outfit inspired by one of the world’s most ruthless assassins, amirite?
Have you tried everyday cosplay? Who are some of your favorite characters to dress like? Let me know in the comments! 

14 thoughts on “Everyday Cosplay: Black Canary

  1. I would love to do this! Most of my shirts are not-so-subtle geeky tees, but one of my favorites is a simple “Blue Sun” tee based off of one of Jayne’s shirts in “Firefly”, which I wear with a necklace I made myself with a pendant that says “I call it Vera” with a Vera-like machine gun charm and a grenade charm (along with dangly pistol earrings–Jayne’s never short on weaponry!). But I love the idea of more subtle everyday cosplay–enough to bring a character to a fellow fan’s mind, but not enough to make a non-fan ask about your outfit! 🙂

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