Supernatural Clips: Trailer and Clip from the Tonight’s Episode “Halt & Catch Fire”

You guys, I have to be honest. I’m not caught up on Supernatural. This really bums me out, especially since last week’s episode brought back my favorite version of young Dean, the Dylan Everett version:

This kid does an amazing job portraying Dean Winchester. Can we start a petition or something to make the Supernatural spin-off focus on the young Winchesters with Dylan Everett playing young Dean? Like I said, I haven’t seen last week’s episode, and from the pictures I have seen, Everett isn’t back on the show because of flashbacks. So even though last week’s episode probably doesn’t show a lot of story from their younger days, Everett’s episode from last season was amazing and showed a ton of story potential (certainly a lot more potential than Bloodlines had). Check out this clip from Everett’s first episode of Supernatural:

If nothing else, can we at least make him the new, permanent actor for young Dean like Colin Ford was for Sam?


I’m getting off topic here. The great Dylan Everett debate aside, let’s focus on this week’s new episode, “Halt & Catch Fire”. This week’s episode looks a bit like a MOTW episode, which we haven’t had for a while this season.

From the looks of the trailer, tonight’s episode is gonna be pretty fun and lighthearted (for Supernatural, anyway), with more goofy Dean than we’ve seen in a while, and some actual happy bro-ments. It’s been like quite a while since we’ve had that this season, so I’m pretty excited for a bit of a lighter episode. Check out this picture from tonight’s episode:

I don’t know about you, but that looks like the beginning of a good, old fashioned salt-n-burn to me! Hopefully this week will feel a bit like the 200th episode felt, a quick, lighthearted breath of fresh air in an incredibly dark and heavy season (it just won’t be as musical and awesome as “Fan Fiction” was).

Will you be watching Supernatural tonight? What have you thought of this season so far? Do you love Dylan Everett as young Dean as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Supernatural Clips: Trailer and Clip from the Tonight’s Episode “Halt & Catch Fire”

  1. I’ve never watched Super Natural. I have no idea why, it seems exactly like something I would love but I feel a little too far behind the series to start now. I’m going to go peek at Netflix and see if they have the entire series. Thanks for the reminder! x

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