The Mary Sue Post: The Walking Dead Recap

Hey, guys! I’m over at The Mary Sue today recapping last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Them”. I hope you’ll follow me over there to check it out!


As always, this recap contains spoilers, so if you aren’t caught up on The Walking Dead, turn back now!

The last two episodes have been pretty brutal and we were, mercifully, offered a bit of respite from the show’s new favorite hobby of killing off major characters. This week also offered us one of the best character-focused episodes we’ve had in quite some time.

As the group treks off to Washington D.C., they find themselves fighting off one of the zombie apocalypse’s most relentless villains: the elements. As the group trudges forward, they start to cower under the lack of water and relentless heat. This, paired with the fresh losses of Beth and Tyreese proves to be enough to nearly break the group, especially Daryl, Maggie, Noah, and Sasha. Of course, because this is The Walking Dead, the stakes are a bit higher because while they march, the group is also trailed by a herd of even slower walkers. The group has a choice, press on and hope the walkers trail off or die and they can find water, or they can stop, face the walkers–walkers which will most likely overpower them–head-on.

It’s kind of the theme hovering over the entire episode, the choice to survive. The group is forced to daily decide if they want to press forward in search for something better, or face the threat pressing on them in that moment until it ultimately overpowers them…

Read the rest over at The Mary Sue!

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