The Official Distracted Blogger Cure For Sick Days

You guys, I was so sick yesterday. I was fine all day Monday, enjoying my President’s Day off, and suddenly…

leslie knopeSo I spent all day yesterday wrapped up in blankets, trying to feel better. I feel infinitely better today, but because of my ailment adventures yesterday, I decided to offer you the Official Distracted Blogger Cure for Sick Days (or, what makes me feel better when my body is being a super jerk).

1. Netflix Binge: Parks and Rec

I tend to go in waves with TV shows on Netflix. I tend to pick a show and watch it until I run out of episodes. Right now, the show I’m watching on Netflix is Parks and RecNothing can make me feel better than a trip to Pawnee to watch Leslie Knope shake up local government. The only thing is, the place I happen to be in the series is right around Ben and Leslie’s wedding. So…that means I came across the episode where the guys tried out food from different caterers and got food poisoning. I’ll tell ya, while this moment is hilarious:
christraegerdying_parks and rec

It loses a bit of humor when you, too, were dying earlier that day, then you died, and now you are dead.

So maybe just make sure a food poisoning episode isn’t in the future of your sick day Netflix binge…

2. Musicals: Singin’ in the Rain


Musicals always make me feel better if I’m sick or sad, but there is no musical out there that makes me feel as good as Singin’ in the Rain. It is, hands down, my favorite movie. The music is so great and catchy, the story is straightforward and fun, and the dance numbers are the best ever. I mean, just try to be grumpy after watching this:

3. Video Games: Skyrim

I’ll be honest, one of my favorite things about Skyrim is that you have the option to just wander about Skyrim and explore the area. I usually don’t do any hardcore playing while I’m trying to feel better because there is just something that I love about piddling around Skyrim, doing random crap.


Of course, just like you should be wary if a food poisoning episode is in your future while you’re Netflix-binging, you should also try to think about what awaits you if you do complete a quest. For instance, if you hypothetically find yourself tasked with “Defeat Alduin (the game’s dragon Big Bad)” when you’re just trying to keep everything low-key? That could put some unneeded stress on your ailing body that will certainly end in a rage quit… Or so I’ve read…

4. Reading: Station Eleven

If I’m not dealing with a migraine, nothing calms me down more than reading. Right now, I’m reading Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.  It’s the story of the world after it was decimated by the deadly Georgia Flu. Y’all know how much I love zombies and post-apocalyptic stuff. This book has all of that stuff, plus the writing is beautiful. It’s an awesome read.

5. Chaucer the Dog

How could I not feel better after snuggling under a blanket with this little guy, amirite?

photo (3)

What makes you feel better on sick days? Let me know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “The Official Distracted Blogger Cure For Sick Days

  1. I think my favorite thing when I am sick is soup broth. Just the broth. Even if I don’t have a sore throat, just drinking the broth makes me feel better and cozy!
    I am also watching Parks and Rec right now. However, this is my first time through. I am loving it!!! Also, adding Station Eleven to my to-reads list; sounds awesome. Glad you’re feeling better, hope you’re back to 100% soon!

    1. Thanks, bud. I’m feeling so much better, it’s great. And I totally get the broth thing. I’m that way with tea. There’s just something about having something warm and toasty that makes a person feel better. Enjoy Parks and Rec! It’s so good!!!

  2. My favorite things include: gallons of mint and chamomile tea, my dog, a great book (Anybody Can Do Anything by Betty McDonald is the ONE) and watching old sit-coms, like Friends or the King Of Queens. Oh, and When Harry me Sally, of course! Try some from my list, and hopefully that will help, LOL!
    Xx, Marketa

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