Supernatural Clips: A New Night and a Mini-Hiatus

Supernatural is on a bit of a mini-hiatus for a few weeks, and when it returns, things will be a bit different. For a while now, Supernatural Tuesday has been the norm.

supernatural tuesdayHowever, it seems like the show has finally moved out of the Mystery Spot. As you’ve probably heard, the show is moving to Wednesday nights. I’m pretty excited about the move, as I’m usually unable to watch episodes live thanks to Tuesday night ballet. The only bad news is, like I said, we have got to wait a few weeks for a new episode–which is particularly awful given the fact that last week’s episode ended with Sam delivering the super ominous line…
supernatural dean's in trouble
However, to hold you over, here is a clip of what’s to come in the next episodes of Supernatural. Hang tight, SPN family! And remember…

supernatural wednesday

And, just to make the wait easier still–and to take your mind off of Dean being in trouble–here is the gag reel from Season 9. You can look back at old Supernatural posts to get clips from past episodes, and relive the 200th with my post on “Fan Fiction“. You’re welcome.

Supernatural comes back to the CW on Wednesday, March 18! Will you be watching?

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