Skyrim Cell Phone Cover

It’s no secret that I love Skyrim, and this isn’t the first time I’ve done a Skyrim-inspired project on the blog. BUT I just love doing craft projects that are inspired by my favorite video game, so I couldn’t help but kick off another Skyrim project. I’m pretty excited to show you my latest nerdcrafting endeavor, a Skyrim cell phone cover. I’ve had this idea floating around my brain for a while, and I finally got the project done. My idea came from the arrow you see on the Skyrim compass that directs you towards your next goal.

I liked that the symbol would make for a subtle tribute to Skyrim, and since I have a bad habit of misplacing my phone around my house very frequently, I thought putting one of these arrows that is meant to point you towards something would be quite fitting.

Here’s what I used:

skyrim cell phone nerdcraftingYou’ll need to get a clear cell phone cover. You can find these for about 99 cents on Amazon. [Side note: this is a cheap cell cover, so if you need some high tech cell protection, this might not work for you.]

You’ll also need some washi tape. Get a pattern that you think is cute. I picked a pink and sparkly washi tape because…well…I like things that are pink and sparkly.

Mod podge. A must-have for just about any craft project, amirite?

Finally, print out the arrow. I found my picture here, but you can just do a quick Google search to find one you like.

From there, I just printed out the size I wanted onto card stock. I put a couple of extra layers of card stock behind it to make the arrow extra thick, mod podged  it all together, and let it dry.

skyrim arrow
Mine was smack in the middle of drying, which is why it is pictured in a tiny bowl with some goo on it.

Once you have your supplies and your arrow is drying, grab your cell cover and the washi tape. Cover the back of the cell cover with the washi tape, and then paint a layer of mod podge over top. If you’re like me, it would really bug you if the mod podge dried in a weird pattern. To avoid this, paint the mod podge on vertically. Let it dry.

skyrim cell cover nerdcraft 2

Once the arrow and the cell cover are mostly dry, decide where you want to place the arrow onto the cell phone cover. Once you found a spot you’re happy with, put a teeny bit of mod podge on the back of the arrow to secure it to the cover, and then paint another layer of mod podge over the arrow.

skyrim cell coverOnce that’s dry, you’re all set to bring the spirit of the dovahkiin to your cell phone! Check out the finished product:

skyrim cell cover finished productI’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty thrilled with how this turned out. I think it’s the perfect blend of nerdy and cute. Also, did I mention how much I love pink and sparkly things? I also like how simple the whole look is, because it gives me options to add something to the cover later (it might be cool to add some dragon runes) if I really want to let my nerd flag fly. Regardless of what I choose to do with this in the future, I love how this turned out.

What nerdcrafting are you doing these days? Let me know in the comments!

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