Why You Should Watch the Glee Finale…Even If You Gave Up On Glee

I remember when I decided that Glee was, officially, my new favorite show. It was the final scene in the pilot episode.

As soon as Mr. Shue said, “from the top,” I knew I was hooked. For the first time in a while, I had found a show that I completely related with. Though I was never in show choir, I was a theatre kid in both high school…

The Crucible
You can spot Junior Year Kendall in the front row. I’m third to the right of the girl in the white dress.

…and college.

The Foreigner
My costumes were out of control for this show. Believe it or not, this purple get up was one of the more subtle of my costumes.

I related all-too well with the struggles of a poorly funded fine arts program. My high school didn’t even have a stage for us, so it was a normal occurrence for us to perform our plays at other venues, other schools, or utilize my least favorite thing of all, “theatre in the round“–which meant we were usually having our play in the middle of a gymnasium. We never had a lot of money for costumes either, so it was standard procedure to scour each of our closets and Goodwill looking for pieces. I instantly fell in love with Glee because I felt like I was watching a wackier version of my own high school experience.

Buuuuut all good things must come to an end. When Glee started to kind of suck, I drifted away from the show. I came back to watch “The Quarterback”–and  I cried my eyes out–but then I resumed not watching Glee. So why did I watch the finale, and why should you?

The same reason people go to their high school reunions. Because even though you lose touch with people, you still like to know that those individuals you cared about ended up happy. While I may have been unhappy with the showrunners choices after the first class graduated from McKinley, seeing everyone come back together for that last episode reminded me of my high school and college theatre friends–and that relatability is what made me fall in love with Glee in the first place. While we don’t have any Tony Award winners in our midst (yet), I have friends who have moved to New York themselves to pursue set design, I have friends who have moved to LA to become professional actors and agents. I have friends who returned to our old school to teach, and friends who were together in high school who have ended up married. For all the crap I gave the McKinley kids for returning to their old high school, I myself have returned–even to make a “guest appearance” in our annual improv show–and have even kept in touch with my version of Mr. Shue, Mr. C (mercifully, Mr. C didn’t go through a rapping phase like Mr. Shue did). So for all the whining I did over Glee becoming ridiculous and unrelatable, it looks like there were still parts that were right on the money.

Sure, Glee had its rough patches, but even if you decided you were over Glee like I did, you should definitely watch the finale. Why? Because just like a high school reunion, the finale lets you gloss over and straight up ignore the messy, uncomfortable, or awful portions of the show’s past. Instead, you can just sit back and smile at the good times.

Here’s the final number from the series finale. While I was really, really bummed they didn’t do some sort of nod to “Don’t Stop Believing” in the final number, I did love the wink to those original red “costumes” and the choreography from that first number.

Did you watch the Glee finale? What did you think? Have you been watching from the beginning, or did you drop out in the middle like i did? Let’s talk about this crazy show in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Why You Should Watch the Glee Finale…Even If You Gave Up On Glee

  1. I love this! I’ve actually continued watching, but I’m like 3 episodes behind. I definitely haven’t been nearly as invested as I used to be. I just can’t give up on shows I love. Now I’m actually looking forward to the finale, though! Thanks 😊

  2. I did stop watching in Season 3 at some point, but I think (if it’s on Netflix) once the whole series is out I’ll have to just marathon it sometime. It definitely went downhill, but I am definitely curious how it closes out.

    1. Yeah, I may check out those episodes I missed, too. I definitely love that they made the finale in such a way that die-hard Gleeks or those fans they lost along the way could watch and enjoy it.

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