Geek and Sundry Post: Favorite One-Off Companions


It’s officially been a decade since Doctor Who rebooted with the plastic-tastic episode “Rose”. To celebrate, I’m at Geek & Sundry talking about my favorite one-off companions from the series since that episode aired. I hope you’ll join me over there to talk about it, and add some of your favorite non-regular companions!

Doctor Who has been passing some pretty impressive milestones lately. 2013 marked the show’s 50th anniversary, and March 26th marked the 10th anniversary of the show’s 2005 reboot. Since that first episode in 2005, “Rose”, Whovians have gotten to meet several wonderful traveling companions for the Doctor in Rose, Amy, Rory, Martha, Clara, and Donna, and some other great characters that didn’t have a permanent spot in the TARDIS but reappeared often like River Song, Jack Harkness, Jackie, Jenny and Vastra, Strax, Danny, Wilfred, and Mickey. However, sometimes my favorite characters are those that the Doctor only has adventures with once–maybe twice. While they aren’t ever properly “companions” to the Doctor, and they may never get to even see the inside of the TARDIS, their short time with the Doctor often has a profound impact on his life and his future choices. So after a decade of new adventures with the Doctor, I thought I’d tip my hat to those amazing one-time companions we’ve met since the reboot.

10. Jackson Lake
When Jackson first meets Ten, we are lead to believe that this is actually a future regeneration of the Doctor–one who lost most of his memories. Watching Ten interact with a man he believes to be a future version of himself is hilariously fun, and his story has a bit more depth than a lot of the Christmas specials. Jackson is able to save London from a Cyberman invasion, despite having limited resources, a…less than stellar TARDIS, and a severely jumbled memory. Jackson’s adventures with Ten was also David Tennant’s last Christmas special, which makes this episode a bit special as well…

Read the rest over at Geek & Sundry! 

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