The Mary Sue Post: Walking Dead Finale Recap

The season 5 finale of The Walking Dead aired last night, and it was INSANE. So while we’re all still in that blissful stage of hiatus-denial, let’s all meet up at The Mary Sue to break down last night’s episode (you can also check out my other recaps on the site as well). the-walking-dead-conquer

There will be spoilers ahead! Read on at your own risk!

Well, we have officially closed the book on season 5 ofThe Walking Dead, and the 90-minute finale proved to be every bit as explosive and exciting as we all hoped. Let’s talk about the episode.

One of the central conflicts in this episode revolves along Rick and Deanna’s decision to either exile Rick (and likely the rest of his group), or to allow him to stay in Alexandria. The rest of the group is frustrated that Rick would keep secrets from them, and they are frustrated that he hasn’t fully seemed to have bought into the idea of moving into an actual home. While they plead with Rick to try to reason with the Alexandrians, Rick begins to hatch a plan to ensure that Deanna’s town forum to discuss Rick will only end positively for him. However, Michonne encourages him to take the Shane down a few notches to allow the forum to run its course without initiating any sort of a shootout. He spends a good portion of the episode chewing on his plans for the forum, which we’ll talk more about later…

Read the rest over at The Mary Sue!

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