Everyday Cosplay: SCarol

In honor of Sunday’s season finale of The Walking Dead, today’s everyday cosplay is dedicated to Carol Peletier in her most terrifying get up, the SCarol look. If you don’t watch TWD, SCarol is the toned down, unthreatening, minivan mom-ified look that Carol has taken to wearing while she lives in Alexandria Safe Zone. She dresses this way to blend in and become invisible, but all the while, Carol is still the tough-as-nails, highly dangerous fighter that was able to take out the whole of Terminus by herself.

So I’m paying tribute to her with this outfit. It’s a simple look, a sweater, khakis, and a cute set of flats, but I’ve paired it with a gun necklace and a two-finger ring made out of gun metal (that can double for brass knuckles…probably). With this outfit you can bake a mean batch of cookies and the perfect casserole one minute, and tell your enemies to “look at the flowers” the next.

SCarol Everyday CosplayWhat characters from The Walking Dead would you love to dress like? Let me know in the comments!

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