Fandom 5: Times I Totally Fangirled


Today’s Fandom 5 is about those times I completely fangirled. Honestly, I fangirl a lot. I love to get excited and freak out about the things that I love. It’s part of what I love about fandom. When a new trailer releases for a movie I’m excited about releases? Fangirl. Season premiere of my favorite show? Fangirl. Awesome new Funko doll? Fangirl. Like I said, I fangirl a LOT, but these are some of my favorite fangirl stories.

Any time–any time–I get to see Hanson in concert.

hanson fangirling

I’m not ashamed to admit I still love the band Hanson. I’ve loved these guys since I was in the second grade–seriously. I still get all of their new albums, and I go and see them in concert whenever they are in town. Hanson concerts are the best. It’s basically just a gathering of friendly people who love Hanson, and are more than happy to make friends with other Hanson fangirls. Even better, Hanson does a “walk” at the start the concert, where you walk a mile with no shoes to raise money and awareness for poverty. The band will walk right there with fans, hanging out and talking. Because of random acts of Kendall being bad at directions, I’ve never been able to join in on the entire walk. However, I did get to join in the end of a walk, and I was even thisclose to Zac Hanson. He’s the one with the ponytail and megaphone:

zac hanson

Seeing Welcome to Nightvale Live

night vale fangirling

I completely fangirled when I got to see Welcome to Nightvale live. It was the BEST experience ever. I wasn’t sure what to expect from seeing a live-reading of a podcast, but it was amazing. The actors did a great job, and even though there are no props or costumes, you are completely sucked into the story, just like when you listen to a recorded podcast. The theatre was filled with other Night Vale fans, many of them dressed in awesome cosplay, and the Glow Cloud (all hail) even had a seat in the back.

Meeting Daniel H. Wilson

daniel wilson fangirling

As someone who works in publishing, I really shouldn’t have fangirled as hard as I did when I got to meet the author Daniel H. Wilson, but I did. He was the first author I got to meet where I was a fan of his books (most of the authors I work with are amazing–but I don’t read much of what they write on my personal time). So when the time came for me to get his autograph and picture, I freaked out a bit, was shaky, and ended up with a super blurry photo. Still, I love what he wrote in the front of my book, “That picture of me won’t save you when the robots come.”

The Big Doctor Who Moments

doctor who fangirling

It’s been a great time to be a Whovian. We had the live announcement of the 12th Doctor, the 50th Anniversary special, the horrific Christmas special where Matt Smith regenerated (the pic of me was taken just before that ep started), and this year’s Christmas special with…Clara’s choices (avoiding spoilers). There have just been a TON of awesome things happening in the world of Who, and it has been leaving me in a pretty constant state of Whovian fangirling.

That one time I sold George Stults some pajamas…

If you’ve met me in person, you’re probably groaning right about now, because I talk about this story All. The. Time. I can’t help it though. This was awesome. In high school and college I worked at Victoria’s Secret. Working in a Colorado-based VS, I never really expected to have celebrities walk into my store like you’d get in a New York or LA-based VS. So I was more than a little shocked to see George Stults walk into my store one chilly, December afternoon. I’d love to tell you I was super chill, but it took my brain a bit too long to realize that yes, indeed that was Mr. Lucy Camden standing in front of me. Because of this I was in an awkward half-frozen, half-thawed state. I could also tell that he was a bit unsettled by the large amounts of pink surrounding him as well as my strange appearance as a slightly frozen, mouth-agape, Victoria’s Secret sales associate, so we got a rocky start together. Here’s how it went down:

George: *looks around, overwhelmed by pink* Um, can you help me?

Kendall: *turns around, recognizes George, freezes* Y-yes. What can I do for you?

George: I want to get my girlfriend these pajamas she saw in the catalogue. Would you guys have them in the store?

Kendall: *still frozen* Well. M-m-maybe. Which ones are they?

George: *shows me the magazine*

Kendall: *begins to thaw* Sure. Sure. I think we’ve got that. *turns to leave, turns back to George, begins speaking with furious speed* Okay, I’ve just got to know, it’s driving me crazy, are you the guy from 7th Heaven?

George: *smiles, sighs* Yeah, that’s me.

Kendall: *laughs with Tom Cruise levels of manic insanity, speaks too loudly* I THOUGHT SO! HAHAHAHA! OKAY LET ME GET YOU THOSE PAJAMAS! *awkwardly runs off to stock room*

We got off to a rocky start, like I said, but ultimately I was able to save my fangirling for the stock room, was able to be professional on the sales floor, and got him set up with a great Christmas gift for his girlfriend–cozy PJs and cozy slippers. Awkwardness and all, I’ll be honest, it is one of my favorite memories from my time at Victoria’s Secret.

What are some moments when you totally fangirled? Let me know in the comments! Be sure to check out my other Fandom 5 posts, and follow the hashtag #Fandom5 to see what everyone else is saying! 

9 thoughts on “Fandom 5: Times I Totally Fangirled

  1. Haha, I so wouldn’t have had the guts to ask if I suspected someone was a celebrity!! I’ve yet to meet an author in person yet, but I can guarantee when I do it’ll be a fangirl moment for sure!

  2. That is an awesome story! I surprisingly understand the Hanson fandom – one of my friends is a huge fan and somehow convinced me to go to one of their shows. Hanson fans are a funny awesome bunch lol

  3. Love the pajamas story! 🙂 We live in Atlanta, so when my husband texted me to tell me that Chandler Riggs (Carl in “Walking Dead”) was on his train, I fangirled vicariously through him (so jealous!!)–I’ve yet to see any of the cast around town, though. I did get to meet Adam Baldwin at Dragon Con last year, though–I blogged about it here, but, long story short, I waited in line to meet him even though I couldn’t afford an autograph (I was terrified I was breaking some con etiquette rule I hadn’t learned yet!), and instead of hurrying me along since I wasn’t paying, he was above-and-beyond gracious and even GAVE me his autograph! It was an awesome experience. 🙂

  4. I agree – its a great time to be a Whovian! Its the fandom that just keeps on giving!

    Aww I was never familiar with Hanson aside from the “mmmbop” song, but I LOVE stories of ‘celebs’ being so cool and down to earth and kind!

    1. Oh, my friend, they are DEFINITELY still going! 🙂 Look up “Thinking Bout Something” and “Get the Girl Back”. Two of their newer singles that are tons of fun. 🙂

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