Free Comic Book Day 2015 Roundup

Free Comic Book Day 2015 has come and gone, guys. Unlike last year where my procrastination and indecision to take part in FCBD caused me to miss out on most of the fun, I got to experience FCBD this year in all its awesome, free comic book-ish glory.


Though there are tons of great comic book stores in my area, and my local library was also giving away comics, I ultimately decided to celebrate FCBD ’15 at my favorite comic book store, Escape Velocity Comics (if you remember during my Women in Geek series, I interviewed Vicky–one of the awesome women who works for EV Comics).

Escape Velocity Comics

I wanted to get to the store before it opened, and happily, the store didn’t open crazy early. I decided to get to the store about an hour before the doors opened (it was only 10am–which made this non-morning person very happy). There was a bit of a line when I got there, but nothing too terrible at all.

FCBD 15 Line

Even better, the weather was nice–which is a big deal since lately we’ve had anything from thunderstorms, to rain, and even snow–so standing outside for about an hour was no big deal. I had some thoughts of pulling together an awesome everyday cosplay outfit–especially since I had just seen Age of Ultron the night before–but I ended up opting for a regular outfit with my Doctor Who “We’re All Stories in the End” tank from Jordandene.

Doctor Who Tank FCBD

The team from Movie Camp came out to make our line-standing a bit more fun, and they walked up and down the line pulling people out of line to play different games. My personal favorite was the game of X-Men pictionary. Essentially, one person was supposed to draw various X-Men using only the marker taped to the side of a pair of sunglasses (Cyclops-style).

FCBD 15 X-Men Pictionary

You’d think it’d be pretty challenging, right? Not for this guy. Clearly a gifted youngster in his own right, this guy was able to create pretty spot-on drawings of the various X-Men he was commissioned to draw. Just look at how impressed everyone is:

FCBD 15 Line 2

Meanwhile, I can’t even draw a symmetrical pair of eyes using my hands…


When the doors finally opened, I was incredibly anxious to get inside and grab my 3 free comic books. I had checked out the titles available ahead of time, so I walked into the store knowing exactly what I wanted. Still, even though I was at the front of the line, I still got a bit antsy, worrying that I wouldn’t get to the titles I wanted before the store ran out. This was, of course, a baseless fear, as the comics stood in giant stacks all over the store:

FCBD 15 Comics

…still, I tend to get myself worked up in situations like this, even when I know I’m being irrational. It’s pretty great. So, regardless of how realistic it was, I was pretty nervous about snagging my books. But, like I said, I was close enough to the front of the line that they had more than enough copies of each title when I went through the store. I got the titles I wanted without any problems. I was quite excited.

Kendall FCBD 15Not only were my fears of missing the opportunity to grab the titles I wanted completely off-base, but I was also there early enough to snag a free FCBD tote bag.

FCBD 15 ToteI wasn’t sure what to expect on Free Comic Book Day, so I had stopped by the night before to clear out my pull list. Even though I had bought a crapton of comics the night before, I really didn’t want to grab my free books and leave, so I also purchased the Hawkeye vs. Deadpool tradepaper I’d had my eye on for a while. So I wallked out with the HvD tradepaper, the Doctor Who FCBD issue, All-New All-Different Avengers #0, and Secret Wars #0.

FCBD 15 HaulAll in all, it was a great experience. I’m really glad I opted to show up early, because it cut down the stress for me, and I was able to get through the store before things got too crazy busy. Even though I’m one who gets anxious easily and I’m not a huge fan of big crowds, I actually had a really awesome time. I’ll definitely be participating in Free Comic Book Day next year! For now, I can’t wait to start digging into my new comic books!

Did you participate in Free Comic Book Day this year? Where did you go? Did you dress up? What did you get? How did your comic book store celebrate? Let me know in the comments! 

9 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day 2015 Roundup

  1. I missed the events because I had to worked in the middle of the day, but I still managed to go to a library, a book store, and a comic shop to snag free comics. I got A LOT too (I think 16 comics all together), and I got (not for free) a book, the issue of Silk I missed this week, and a trade paperback. Yeah, I’m going to have plenty of reading to do this week.

  2. My first time was great! I got the selections I wanted, which was great, and I even got to meet some artists which was fabulous! I’ll definitely go again next year. The crowds were a bit insane at the biggest shop we went to, but it was worth it.

  3. I wanted to go out but didn’t make it. My store gets CRAZY and you have to get there super early. I mean, we have people that CAMP OUT for FCBD. LOL Instead I took myself to see Age of Ultron again.

  4. Luckily there were two stores that were participating in FCBD in my area. I went to my first, normally-visited store and they had a 3 per person rule but with any purchase, you could get 3 more. From there I picked up Fight Club, Attack on Titan manga, Secret Wars, All-New Avengers, Sonic The Hedgehog/Mega Man & TMNT. When I went to the other store, they had a 7-per person rule, so between the two, I was able to get all the issues I wanted!

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