Ballet Break: Happy 15th Birthday, Center Stage

It’s no secret that I love the movie Center Stage.

That movie is a 00’s masterpiece of cheese, ballet, and a pre-Uhura, pre-Gamora Zoe Saldana.

zoe saldanaBecause of it’s pure early 00’s awesomeness, I decided to celebrate this flick to commemorate the movie’s birthday week (it’s turning 15–geez I’m old). Here are some of the reasons Center Stage will always be center stage of my heart.



  • Center Stage was one of the first things–other than seeing a production of Nutcracker as a kid–that introduced me to classical ballet.
  • Center Stage started my fascination with pointe.
  • The movie also showed me it’s okay to be brave and take a dance class where you know absolutely no one–and even if the style of dance isn’t what you normally participate in. Like this ridiculous dance class:
  • It also showed me that dance is a super diverse art form, and it’s all beautiful. And sometimes, you just have to bring a motorcycle onstage at a fancy ballet performance. Seriously, there is nothing better in the universe than the Center Stage finale dance. That red tutu? Those fouette turns? The motorcycle? So. Much. Yes.

So a big merde and a happy birthday to Center Stage. You were cheesy and are terribly dated, but you will never not be wonderful.

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