Power Up Box Review

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Monthly box subscriptions are kind of all the rage these days. It’s a strange phenomena, and while I don’t wholly understand the craze, I’m still completely fascinated by it. So when the folks from Power Up Box asked me if I wanted to check out one of their boxes, I couldn’t resist. I had no idea what to expect from my very own Power Up Box, but I knew I couldn’t wait to get my box and check out what prizes were waiting for me inside.

surprise1 I was most certainly not disappointed when I received my box. They get you excited about the geeky prizes inside from the minute the box reaches your hands.

Power Up Box Welcome CollageI can’t help myself, I am kind of a sucker for packaging. I loved that the box stuck with the geeky theme on every single part of the box and packaging, from any text to the box itself. It looked great! I got to check out the April box. Here’s what I received:

My favorite part of the box was the Funko figures included. I’ve got a few Funko dolls myself (and I recently added a bobble-head Thor Funko to the mix), but what I loved about the Funko stuff included in this box was that they weren’t your traditional Funko dolls.

Power Up Figurine Collage

The Harley Quinn doll is a plush figurine, not the traditional plastic, there was a Funko Walking Dead Mystery Mini Maggie, and a Donatello Funko keychain. So while I’m obsessed with traditional Funko dolls, I did like that Power Up Box included some of the more unique types of Funko dolls.

The box also had a few odds and ends in it, including a copy of Spider-Gwen #2, a Joker tee, and a bag of Marvel-themed ring pops (I tried one immediately–super tasty).

Power Up Box Miscelleny

They also made sure to set me up with some fun Power Up Box swag, by including a bag and a lanyard:

Power Up Box swag

Ultimately, I was incredibly happy with my Power Up Box. I love the huge influence Funko has on the boxes (you can go to the Power Up Box website to get a bit more info on the Funko presence you can expect in your boxes), and I think you get a lot of awesome stuff for the price. If you’re in the market for a geeky subscription box, I’d totally recommend Power Up Box. Check out the website for pricing options. Be sure to enter the code DistractedBlogger to get a 10% discount on your first one-month subscription on either a premium or deluxe box! 

Have you ever subscribed to a monthly box service? What did you think? Would you do it again? Have you ever tried Power Up Box? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Power Up Box Review

  1. I subscribe to Loot Crate but recently haven’t been too thrilled with the items I’ve been receiving. Since I have been more actively collecting comic books, the Loot Crate exclusive variant issues are well-received but most of the other things end up back in the box in the bottom of a closet or as “nerd paraphernalia” in the background of my Pokémon TCG pack opening videos I post on YouTube. LOL

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