Geek and Sundry Post: JJ Abrams Is Great for the Star Wars Franchise

Star Wars holds a special place in the hearts of many sci-fi fans. So while we’re all SUPER excited about The Force Awakens coming this December, there’s still a bit of concern that we’ll have another disappointing trilogy and obnoxious characters on our hands, not that I’m thinking of anyone in particular…

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I’m over at Geek & Sundry talking about ways I think JJ Abrams will be good for the franchise, and bring in several new fans. Check out an excerpt:

We could talk for hours about what we did and did not like about the first three, but suffice it to say that Lucas faced a set of challenges and expectations that simply are not being placed on JJ Abrams—which is great for The Force Awakens. Though he is telling a continuation of the Star Wars saga, he isn’t seen as the series patriarch. Abrams is new bloo, and fans everywhere expect him to bring a fresh, new perspective to the franchise. Lucas has been tinkering with the Star Wars universe for years, creating things like the prequel trilogy and even tinkering with the original three films by adding weird, sometimes unnecessary, and occasionally awkward CGI characters to a movie born well before it existed. You could say Lucas got a bit of tunnel vision when it came to the franchise, and I think fans everywhere are excited to see how an outsider will bringStar Wars to the screen again. There are several Star Wars fans out there who, while they love the original three (and maybe even the newer trilogy), are a bit wary of Lucas’ ability to create another good Star Wars film. Bringing a fresh face into the mix, free from any Star Wars fan hate will really free Abrams up to focus on creating a great picture.

Additionally, Abrams is also pretty famous for revamping another classic science fiction franchise, Star Trek. Abrams did a great job depicting the familiar world from the Star Trek universe while adding his own personal touch (LENSE FLARE!) to update look and feel of a sci-fi classic. While a lot of die-hard Trekkies weren’t thrilled with Into Darkness, there’s no denying that Abrams managed to take the helm of the Star Trek franchise and create a movie that excited longtime fans  while also bringing new ones in. Both Star Trek movies are good films, and — love or hate Into Darkness — the alternate universe aspect of the movies makes both films an interesting addition to that particular canon…

There’s a TON of pressure on Abrams to make this movie work, and work well. However, I think that with the Disney powerhouse behind the movie, a seasoned, trusted director at the helm, and a horde of crazy talented actors, we’ll have a great film on our hands. With products out there like the cartoons and comics, new fans are already being brought into the Star Wars fandom, and I think that will only continue as time goes on.

Do you think Abrams will be good for the franchise? Can you see him bringing in new fans in a way Lucas never could? Are you excited for Force Awakens? Read the rest of the article at Geek & Sundry, and let’s talk about it!

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