Everyday Cosplay: Everyday Team Free Will

I’ve seen a lot of outfits that are Castiel, Sam, or Dean-inspired, but since their looks are largely modern, it’s tough to not want to just copy-and-paste their outfits. So I decided to create some everday cosplay looks inspired by Team Free Will, with a bit of a different take on what you normally see for Cas, Sam, and Dean outfits. Take a peek!

Disclaimer: I am well aware that the messenger bag I’ve included with the Cas outfit is inspired by Daryl Dixon’s vest, and has nothing to do with Castiel or Supernatural. However, the rough-looking angel wings were just too perfect for Cas for me not to include here. I also included FBI badge wallets for the boys, because it’s always good to be prepared. 
Everyday Castiel

Everyday Sam Winchester
Everyday Dean Winchester
What do you think of these looks? How have you brought your fandom into your everyday wardrobe? Let me know in the comments! 

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