Everyday Cosplay: Kaylee

Kaylee is one of my favorite characters on Firefly. She’s sweet, she’s got a bit of sass, and she’s the gorram best mechanic on this side of the ‘verse. After attending Jewel Staite’s panel at this year’s Denver Comic Con, I knew I had to do a Kaylee everyday cosplay. Finding a Serenity necklace on Etsy let me know that today was the day. Take a peek at my shiny, summer-ific Kaylee look: Everyday KayleeWhat do you think of the look? Who is your favorite character from Firefly? Let me know in the comments! Not a Firefly fan? Be sure to check out my other everyday cosplay posts!

7 thoughts on “Everyday Cosplay: Kaylee

  1. Excellent! Kaylee was always my favorite character and sharing her name is just a cherry on top! Even if she does spell it wrong haha! 😉 Love the look you put together.

  2. Love that scarf! Jewel Staite was actually at a Browncoats sponsored screening of Serenity I attended in Vancouver a million years ago. She is so tiny in person.

    1. That’s awesome! And she definitely is tiny in person. She also told the audience she wasn’t a huge fan of strawberries (I guess fans give them to her all the time) and then immediately felt SUPER badly for breaking the hearts of the zillion of Kaylee fans in the audience. Good times.

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