Citizens of Panem! We’ve got something awesome stuff coming soon on the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II front. Check out this video that I just received: 

kristen wiig

OH MY GOSH, you guys! I cannot WAIT!!! Chances are good that this “message from District 13” will be delivered during the Hunger Games panel at noon tomorrow during SDCC. It’s unclear what exactly the message is, and what we can expect to be revealed, but all I can think is:

freaking excited

Earlier in the week, posters of each major cast member sporting war paint were released…

Panem Unite Collage

…so I wasn’t sure if we’d get any more sneak previews as we headed into SDCC. I’m so glad we did though. In addition to the cast posters released a couple days ago and the “incoming message” alert, they also released a completely AWESOME new poster for the film, featuring The Mockingjay herself. Check it out:

Katniss Poster

Can I just say how much I am loving Katniss’ red outfit? I highly doubt she’ll actually wear something as loud and gaudy as a bright red Mockingjay outfit in the actual film, but even still, I love it so much. I mean, the red setting off Snow’s white throne, and the tagline “the fire will burn forever”? Come on! IS IT NOVEMBER YET?!? If you’re having as hard of a time waiting for November (or even for the District 13 announcement we’re expecting tomorrow), you can check out the Pillars of Panem interactive display wall honoring the Panem revolutionaries. Until then…


Are you excited for Mockingjay Part II? What do you think of the new posters? Are you as excited for the District 13 message as I am? Let’s talk Hunger Games in the comments! 


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