Geek Fuel June Box Review

At this year’s Denver Comic Con, I got the opportunity to talk with some of the fine folks from the geeky subscription box, Geek Fuel.

geek-fuel-bw-logoGeek Fuel is a Denver-based company, that despite being ALL OVER THE PLACE, these guys haven’t even been around for a full calendar year. Now, I’ll be honest, the market is getting a bit saturated with geeky subscription boxes, and the folks at Geek Fuel know this. So instead of stuffing a box full of geeky swag, they’ve tried to make their boxes a bit different.

When you get a Geek Fuel subscription box, you’re not only going to get fun, geeky swag, but you’ll also get “usable” items that can range from anything to a mug to a book or even an energy drink. They also include a Geek Fuel magazine and video game magazine. The heart behind Geek Fuel is not to send you a subscription box each month that just gives you more stuff to crowd your desk at work or your shelves at home. Instead, they want to give you a bit of swag, a bit of usable stuff, and they want to feature indie artist. Basically, Geek Fuel boxes are subscription boxes for the whole geek, not just their collectible-loving side.

Geek Fuel was nice enough to send me the June box to review here, and I have to say that I was pretty stoked about what I received:


First of all, the book had TWO books in it. TWO. You want to win my heart? Give me books. For real. I was also really excited that the books were the two Jurassic Park novels by Michael Crichton. I had just watched Jurassic World shortly prior to getting my box, so it was perfect timing.

They also included a fantastic Mortal Kombat bookmark. Just the motivation I need to continue my summer reading!

Book Collage

Of course there were tons of other great things in the box. I got the Red Ranger magnet (he’s currently guarding my cubicle at work), a literal keychain and code to a game, some Ooze that sent me RIGHT back to my childhood, and a GREAT X-Files-inspired alien tee.

Geek Fuel Box Collage

I was particularly excited about the tee for a few reasons. First, I’ve started watching X-Files for the first time IN MY LIFE (I know, I know), and I’ve fallen instantly in love with that show. So I was stoked to get a bit of fandom gear for my newest TV obsession so soon into my fandom-lationship with X-Files. Secondly, I’ve gotten other subscription boxes where the shirt is not the cutest thing in the world, and the sizes are weird so I end up with an ugly shirt-dress. For Geek Fuel, they had a pretty broad scope of shirt sizes (even specifying men’s and women’s sizes since we all know a large in men’s and women’s are often two VERY different sizes). So I was able to get a size that worked perfectly for my body and my style, and it was pretty cute, too. I’ve worn it LOADS of times since it came in the mail.

I couldn’t recommend Geek Fuel highly enough (but if you want a second opinion, Megan at The Nerdy Girlie is also a subscriber, and she loves it). They also gives away a free box every month. To see if the odds are in your favor, head to the site to enter the monthly contest.

If you’re ready to subscribe, take a peek at Geek Fuel’s TwitterInstagram and Facebook, but most importantly go to their website to subscribe. Because Geek Fuel and I love you so much, anyone who subscribes through my website link above will get a free bonus item!

Have you subscribed to Geek Fuel before? What do you think of them? Do you subscribe to any monthly boxes? Tell me about it in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Geek Fuel June Box Review

  1. This looks like a pretty hefty amount of stuff for the same amount that you’d pay for LootCrate. Do you get both? How do you think they compare?

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