Potter Week: In Defense of the Time-Turner

potter-week-gold-600x240It’s Potter Week (brought to you by the wonderful team at Common Room), and today’s Potter-Prompt is called PotterPowers, and it’s all about charms, spells, and other things of that sort. While there are TONS of spells from the magical world that I’d love to try out for myself (using alohomora alone would make life infinitely easier for me when I’m trying to get into my apartment when my hands are full of groceries), I wanted to defend something that got a bit of bad press when it was featured in Rowling’s books: the time-turner.


We first see the time-turner when Hermoine uses it in The Prisoner of Azkaban with the intention of taking more than the expected number of classes. Of course, it doesn’t end up working out, and Hermoine ends up more than a little stressed, to say the least.


Ultimately, Hermoine and Harry are able to use the time-turner to save Buckbeak and Sirius, so we do see how the time-turner is useful–just dangerous

I know, I know, why didn’t Harry use the time-turner to save his parents?!? I have no idea. I guess he didn’t use it so we could have four more books after Azkaban, okay?

youre welcome

Questionable uses of time travel aside, Hermoine’s ultimate verdict on the time-turner is that molding the rules of time is simply too much power for one person, especially when she’s using it just so she can sneak in a few more classes. I have to wonder though, maybe Hermoine was just not using the time-turner right. I know, how dare I imply that the brightest witch of her age use something incorrectly, but think about it: Hermoine used the time-turner to push her physical and mental energy all the way to the breaking point. Maybe had she engaged in fewer classes, and used the time-turner to take care of herself a bit, she would have enjoyed the experience more. I mean, In addition to saving lovable creatures like Buckbeak, I think there are some real advantages to using a time-turner on the reg. In fact, I’ve compiled a list of a few chill, non-stressful ways I would make good use of my very own time-turner:

Give Your DVR a Rest

Yep. I’m starting where it counts. Extra classes? Learning? Psh. Let’s talk about television, kids.


But really. You wouldn’t have to worry about recording conflicts anymore, because you could just zip back in time to watch the show live. Think of all the arguments time-turners could end…

Make Road Trips as Fun as Everyone Thinks They Are

In my experience, road trips begin like this:

Look at them. So innocent. So naive. They have no idea the pain that awaits them.

…and end in either a friendship-ruining moment:

real road trip

…or utter disaster:

tim and eric road trip

Guys, road trips SUCK. Seriously, let’s stop the madness here: road trips that last more than a couple hours are scientifically proven to be THE WORST. However, with a time-turner, you could cut your travel time down SIGNIFICANTLY, and keep your friendships–and sanity–in tact. So basically what I’m saying is, get rid of road trips with magical travel. It’s super effective.

Get More Sleep


I mean, this seems like a no-brainer to me. Plus, I bet if Hermoine used the time-turner to allow a few naps into her schedule or an extra hour of sleep in the mornings, she would have handled her increased class load a lot better.

Use Your Mornings and Your Late Nights

Speaking of extra sleep in the mornings, with your new bestie the time-turner, you can get the sleep you need, plus “get up early” to sneak a work out in or get some work done around the house before heading to your job or school. Maybe mornings aren’t your jam, and you’re more of a night owl like myself. You can use the time-turner to stay up late to get All the Things done, and still get a full, restful night’s sleep. The time-turner makes for SO much room for activities in a schedule, y’all.

Would you like a time-turner, or do you think it’s too dangerous? What would you use the time-turner to do? Let me know in the comments, head to Common Room to see what they’re doing during Potter Week, and follow the #PotterWeek hashtag to check out what everyone’s saying! 

6 thoughts on “Potter Week: In Defense of the Time-Turner

  1. Fun post, Kendall. It’s true, I hope she used to take a nap sometimes too!
    I would use it to have more time to make food. Not sure why cooking or baking takes me FOREVER but I waste so much time and then oh well…

  2. A time-turner would be amazing…but knowing me I’d probably overuse it and get all discombobulated about what was happening in the present vs. the past!

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