Everyday Cosplay: Spider-Gwen

I’ll be honest, I’ve been kind of obsessed with Spider-Gwen ever since she first graced the pages of comics in Edge of the Spider-Verse. I’ve loved reading the Spider-Gwen comic, and I’m so incredibly happy that they’ll be bringing her back soon, but I’ve really missed having new issues to read! So, to help pass the time, I thought I’d make an everyday cosplay look to pay tribute to my favorite spidey-hero (of course incorporating a piece from We Love Fine’s AMAZING Spider-Gwen line–I’ve definitely pre-ordered that hoodie for myself).

Everyday Spider-Gwen

What do you think of the look? Have you read the Spider-Gwen comics? What do you think of her? What are you hoping to see when Marvel starts her comic back up? Let me know in the comments!  

9 thoughts on “Everyday Cosplay: Spider-Gwen

  1. I love the blue cardigan! I’m always looking for stuff with pockets to wear to work because I am never in the same spot for more than an hour some days and carrying a purse can get old fast.

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