First Poster and Trailer for Victor Frankenstein

I’m always dubious when Hollywood takes a classic work of literature and turns it into a movie. They don’t often get it right, and they often straight-up ruin it. No story has suffered more from Hollywood’s mistreatment than Mary Shelley’s classic horror story, Frankenstein. Sometimes, Frankenstein adaptations are good, but when they’re bad. Oh, they’re really bad. So when I first heard that James MacAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe would be starring in a new adaptation of Frankenstein called Victor Frankenstein, I wasn’t sure what to think. I love both of those actors, but I didn’t know what to expect from this new movie. Even more, I didn’t know what to think of Radcliffe as Igor. Would he be scary looking? Would he be awkward and creepy? Would he have the signature Igor hump?

igor hump

Mostly, I was curious how they would take the well-told story of Victor Frankenstein and his monster (say it with me–the monster’s name isn’t Frankenstein) and make it fresh without totally straying from the source material. After checking out the trailer, I think they have managed to do something pretty fun with the Frankenstein story. Take a peek for yourself:

From the looks of things, they’re trying to stick pretty close to Shelley’s actual story. And while it looks like Igor will not be the deformed creeper we’re used to seeing in Frankenstein stories…

Igor Creeper

…I think they are going to capture the general heart of the story–while adding a bit of fun chemistry between MacAvoy’s Frankenstein and Radcliffe’s Igor. Of course, this is only the first trailer, so only time will tell if this is truly going to be the exciting, fairly true to the source material, life-after-death adventure the first teaser makes it appear to be. But with a cast of Charles Xavier, Harry Potter, and Moriarty himself, I can’t imagine that this movie will be anything but a totally fun ride. I was pretty unsure what to think of this movie before, but after seeing the trailer, I’m officially stoked for Victor Frankenstein to hit theaters!

What do you think of the trailer? Will you be seeing Victor Frankenstein when it hits theaters on November 25? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

Victor Frankenstein

7 thoughts on “First Poster and Trailer for Victor Frankenstein

  1. I think I’m still sitting on the fence for this one. It does have actors I like for sure, but that doesn’t always save a movie haha. Definitely one I’ll Redbox!

    Also, your Young Frankenstein gifs killed me. Fucking love that movie!! Almost included it for last weeks Five Fandom Friday as we quote lines often!

  2. Oh man. Cautiously excited. I am a HUGE sucker for anything Frankenstein. Anything. In fact, my paper on Shelly’s novel was the only paper in all of Uni I got an A+ on. That story will forever hold a huge part of my heart. They better not F this up like Branagh did.

      1. The trailer makes it look like there’s gonna be a lot of comedy, which I’m actually into. However, there should be A LOT more homo eroticism. Or maybe that’s just me, lol.

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